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Another job has gone pear shaped on me, and I guess as it happens so often with these cleaning jobs, I must be the common factor! I did feel as I applied it was a mistake, but I’d said to the Job centre that I wanted a year job, didn’t feel it right to just teach 8 weeks a year. And I was glad the longer I waited to start. So I committed to doing the job well and it was great when I found Elke was there, but I didn’t realize I would be working so much on my own – so I’ve gone back to listening to music on my phone as I clean.

The job is only 3-5 hours a day but its hard with continual floor mopping and rushing around. I try so hard to focus on this as being good,  and I’m out in the afternoon to walk the dog and do stuff and the job would be ok if it wasn’t for….

I hadn’t realized at first that sometimes the Boss would be in to cook by about 9, or that staff would be in to prepare for a midday booking and so the floors and kitchen weren’t finished. I soon wised up and just worked to that deadline, even though I asked Mrs Boss to tell me what was on so I had an idea of what to work to, she never has, and so I just read their bookings diary when they’re not around, because she doesn’t talk to me. I get a good morning and orders given, but nothing more, I’m blanked. When working in the same room she’ll chat to the other person and ignore me, I’m not the sort to butt in on a conversation though. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. I try to chat, but I admit when I don’t have anything to say, I cant think of what to say and so remain quiet. Maybe I don’t smile enough. Even Mr Boss doesn’t chat to me.

Then the worst was that I saw a job with identical specs to mine being advertised, so of course I took offence, but when I asked she said they are looking for a house cleaner, although it doesn’t say so, just a cleaner. I don’t 100% believe them!

I knew there would be weekend working, and we have the holiday houses to look after as well as meals on wheels and most days I’m finished in time when I need to go for this. We get a weekly plan. But what really annoyed me was when I had been given Saturday off, she calmly said to me on Friday, (but maybe she forgot), you can do this and that on Saturday! I pointed out she had given me it free, but being such a kind person(!), I said I would come in, as it wouldn’t be for long- but it messed up all our plans for the day to do with the holiday houses.

Then last weekend she asked me to work Saturday evening as Elke had a party to go to, I said yes, dreading it as I hate evening working, but it was for Elke as she works so many evenings, and there is no one else to do it. We had a party that night too, but I gave it up, and I told the boss so. Then she talked to Elke(!), and because I would have to come in on Sunday to clean up the aftermath in the morning, Elke would come in later the evening and I could go home. Sounded ok to me. Then blow me down, if I didn’t get a snappy text on Friday afternoon asking me to work on Saturday morning too. Talk about taking the p#+#s.  She knew I’d changed all my plans, no thank you for that.  Saturday morning I handed my notice it. On the Sunday, she did actually put the bins out and fold the towels, that’s never been done before, oh, sucking up I thought, but it was back to usual on Monday. Of course, I’m worrying that they wont find anyone and I’ll be stuck.

I’ll spend the summer doing the holiday lets as Dave has so many hours at the Burg, he’s really behind, and I’ll have to grass cut too (getting used to that), and take over the library. I wont get any dole for a month,  and we’ll have to watch the money at first, but what ho!

They have got someone and I finish Sunday 5th. Typically for me, when I asked her, I felt sad, but I’m getting the feeling of the light dawning, freedom.  I vow NEVER to do another cleaning job again!

What would you do?


God’s Plan, are we on our breakthrough?


Our recent trip to Salzburg was to see the Chamber of Commerce (well that’s how I translate it) the WKO about the correct information on Dave going self employed. We had the luxury of an interview in English and correct information. It is far more do-able than we thought, we just have to go out now and find the work. I can even be employed by Dave and partially insured!

So we could be working as a team looking after holiday houses, the only problem is the winter. If we have more than two changeovers on a day, we cannot physically do it. But it would free us up to support ourselves and do more direct work serving the community.

In this area, we have just started a stint helping with Meals on Wheels in the village. Two of the guest houses take it in turn to cook and we go and collect. Our first day was hilarious as the Guest house being on its first week as well as us didn’t know where one of the ladies lived, but we followed the boss and we found her waiting for us at the side of the road. Another lady denied having ordered but the Kindergarten was pleased we were early!  We are believing that this will lead us into more contact around and maybe to some work for Dave.

And we are believing for the financial break though that will supply us with enough money to keep us going  because as as yet there will not be enough money to support both of us.

Great, we’re on our way!

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Austrians are nuts for Christmas!

Christmas is coming!

That might get me some views!  As you know, I have this cleaning job, relatively little stress, I just go home and forget it till the following week.  Great.  My most difficult lady had asked me to do some extra cleaning before Christmas, like a Autumn clean as opposed to a spring clean I suggested and she agreed.

If you’ve seen my previous post, you’ll know I’ve already run foul of this.  It was only when I was talking to the Boss that the full extent of this idiocy has been revealed to me.  It seems it cultural tradition to deep clean the house before Christmas, as in cleaning the tiles with a toothbrush.  She said how she loved doing it and her husband is worse than this, going around with the white gloves and telling her off if he finds dust.  Quite honestly, if Dave tried this with me, he’d not only get a one fingered salute but the toothbrush painfully inserted!

Admittedly, I’ve liked to have my house clean for Christmas and we’d give the place a going over on Christmas Eve when the kids were young maybe a premonition for when I came here.  Maybe this is all part of the Catholic  guilt trip.

I can deep clean, no problem, I’ll do it to make up the hours, I owe the time, but how so stupidly, completely unnecessary!

PS Have just found out that this is in fact a farming tradition, where the whole farmhouse would be cleaned from attic to cellar in the quiet time after they came down from the Alms and before the main work of the winter began.  Then they’d do it all again in spring.  Maybe no housework inbetween????????

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Niedermohr – a place without culture

View from Guest house window

Niedermohr, the village we stayed in, I found fascinating and found out what all I could. The whole area is very low-lying and is obviously drained water meadows with thick black soil.  Yet at the top od the hills, the land is red, like in Devon, and I found they think it is full of sand, copper and iron. 

The houses I soon noticed had their cellar windows above ground and asked the Landlady if this was right.  She said the area is prone to flooding and where they are converting an old house, the earth cellar is constantly wet and they have to lag it.

She herself offered the idea that this area is without culture.  They local population was wiped out by every plague that has swept Europe, with only a resurgence in the 16/17th century before another bout of illness.  It’s not surprising with the low lying, swampy nature of the land. There  was a couple of battles there in the 18th century and a couple of castles still survive.  Farming is decline apart from growing Maize for heating fuel. So how do you attract people to an area where there is no culture?  Is this an attraction in itself?  The village looked just like a commuter belt place, no shop, just the station and many old farmhouses either abandoned or converted into flats. Most of the income in the area is generated by working for or coming from the USA airbase.There is the attraction of miles and miles of unlimited riding or walking.  But this would have to be marketed, with maybe a marked path such as the Niedermohr route if you see what I mean.  The couple who run the Guest house where we stayed have just built extra flats, and maybe they can bring the riders in if they create a riding centre – but the buildings at the Riding school require a bit of investment to get up to licensed standard, at the moment it’s just half livery,maybe if someone needs to invest in a whole new centre! Yet I feel they are on the right way, maybe Niedermohr will just have a horsey culture of its own!

Maybe you could visit to for a ride!

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Where to from here?

Storm and snow

My job situation is really starting to get to me.  Dave has found a steady job which in many way suits, but I have singly failed to find and hold down anything which works.  The dream job was my first teaching job, me, 6 Haflingers (horses!), an outdoor school and holidaymakers.  If only it could have lasted. Lois’s minus Lois, also mega.  Burg a nightmare.  EAGALA with Edith fantastic, except for the seasonality and lack of customers.  I feel guilty taking the dole in this country, I feel guilty at enjoying being at home. We can’t afford the luxury of only one of us working, and Dave would quite like it to be him at home!   We began discussing running our own business which would be a dream, we’ve often thought of doing maintainance for holiday homes, me cleaning, him in garden, but when we’ve spoken to people they say locals or neighbours do it and there’s no market – and we’d have to find about 300 euros a month just to cover Health Insurance and Pension payments. There is still the original dream of running a holiday home for respite and healing – I’d lost track of this, feeling we’d moved on from this, am I wrong? I can use this time to get my novel Tom onto Kindle, which if Dave returns to work next week, I will start!

So today, I thought right, I’m taking all the Biblical teachings I’ve had from Andrew Wommack and Joyce Meyer about studying and seeking his face. So taking the basis from Matthew Ch7 V7, and others, I sat down and wrote these verses out and said, in the Name of Jesus, I ask, I seek, I knock, please sort out my job situation, show me where I can earn my living and serve you. I’m going to read these words (for words are spirit) each day until this thick head hears him or the answer arrives!  He’s already answered, that is his promise, I now have to await the outcome. 

Jesus said;

Matthew Ch7, v7:

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks, finds and to him who knocks the door will be opened.  Which of you, if his son asks for bread will give him a stone? Or for a fish will give him a snake? If you then, who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask him.

Ch22,v22;  Jesus replied,’ I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you what was done to the fig tree, but you can say to this mountain, ‘Go throw yourelf in the sea’ and it will be done.  If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

Mark Ch 11, v24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.

John Ch14, v12….And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring Glory to the Father.

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Jesus and the Wall

 So  after all I had been listening to, I was experiencing a renewal.  My doubts about the path we’re on here were gone and I now needed to take more steps and explore the way.A teaching of Andrew’s talked about using your imagination to see God’s will and plan, and that positive imagination is HOPE. Together with my renewal of using toungues I decided to battle with that wall.

 I had been reading  about Jesus being the shepherd (John 10 v 1-7) and how he goes into the sheep pen collects his sheep and then leads them out into pasture, funny I’ve only just understood this picture of practical sheep keeping!  So I sat and saw this wall, and could see a brick wall with some trees behind.   So I began tearing down bricks, and some had names on them, self, arrogance, family, Erna, horses, disbelief, self pity (I’m good at that!)  and I could see them lying on the ground.  The wall grew neither smaller or shorter although now 30 brick were on the ground.  So I decided to give it another go and went back to reading. 

 Matthew 7, v 13-14, and John 10, v 7

 I don’t need to destroy the wall, I have a gate, Jesus, I just need to find the small and narrow gate in all that undergrowth!