So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Christmas over

How was your Christmas this year? We had the most wonderful time with family. Catching up and making new friends.

Now as the new year gets going, life is piling in again. Two books planned for this year, three short stories in note form and at last someone to translate my books into German. Holiday house cleaning season. More English students and my 60th birthday party to plan. I’m feeling snowed over mentally and physically already!

How’s your new decade showing up?



This summer seems to be hurtling by. At times I feel so upbeat, answered prayers for extra work, and its turned up, and it’s teaching.

Baize door is ready to go, I’m actually using professional marketing this time, so in September I’ll be getting that sorted. Its follow up, Compromise is coming on nicely too.

Holiday houses keeping me busy too, roll on when the flipping grass stops growing. At least we don’t have the UK heatwave, but that would stop the wretched stuff! Library is such fun, next week, we’re off to blow an extra €500 grant we got!

In a couple of weeks I’m off to finish my librarian training. All really good, but under this have been a few personal dramas, sometimes I seem to swing from one cock up to the other!

Swingle’s dewclaw was healed but as soon as she ran in the grass, it ripped again. This morning she had the claw amputated. Poor, sore dog, and she’ll have to wear the collar of shame when we’re out.

I’ve finally moved on enough in faith and have received my healing for the diverticulitis, hooray. Then I get so tired, or I do something stupid or forgetful  and I just want to burst into tears or run away from this life back to the UK, why?

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What’s she doing now????


After my doom and gloom over the lost job, things are looking up! I’ve taken an out an Austrian work licence like Dave and can now take on what he can’t do due to his hours. Now I feel in control, I’m loving the gardening, being outside. Soon the holiday lets begin but at least the laundry is easier to dry at this time of year! I’m chatting to a company about being a key holder for three holiday flats in one of the resorts- Dave doesn’t like the idea as it’s all to do with the meet and greet which is the biggest time waster invented, but it’s for MY business!!!! I asked God to send things my way and this came unasked.

I’ve put an advert in the local job centre for English tutoring. I’m to talking to Annie about running the Library.

I have time to walk the dog and chat with friends. It’s even been good to go back to the church services here, although they are archaic, being in the precence of God is there.  I’m often really tired, but I can bear it, unlike a couple of years ago when I would have to nap in the day.

Happy.  Then came Brexit………………

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So where have I been?


I can’t believe that its heading towards the end of February and I haven’t written for weeks. We’ve been busy with holiday houses, one is a permanent disaster, not only is the heating odd, but the fridge died and had to be replaced, the tv lost its signal, had to be sorted, guests up to unimaginable yucky things……roll on Easter. Just dealing with these things, dog walking, doing stuff and the days are eaten up.

The snow has turned up in shed loads but as fast as we’ve cleared it, its melted! Today as Swingle had her afternoon perambulation, it was +14 and she was panting!  She had a play week with her best friend Bella, blog on that coming up!

And now having finally worked out that I’m gluten intolerant, I’ve had an awful bout of diverticulitis and have to go in for a ‘probe’ this week, but thankfully just a day clinic. Apparently, I cannot have a CT scan because the marking fluid affects the thyroid, and I can’t have that causing more problems.

We’ve made some new English friends here, who are thinking of setting up a summer language school, and that may resolve the work situation for me long term. I had one job interview as the Job centre sent me loads. It was a cross between what you want Lord and please not another cleaning job!!! It’s at a local farm that has built an extension for events such as weddings, and its in walking distance.  However, I’ve got the job, and Dave and I think it will work out, at least  neither of us will be claiming the dole for the summer!

But I’m happy, I’m trying in my own faint hearted/ unbelief dogged  way to receive in my healing and God’s plan for our lives here. How’s your year shaping up?

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All Change!


First dandelion of the year!

I’ve been praying since the really bad winter for change here in our lives, for a confirmation that we are to stay or its time to go home. Change arrived all right in the form of Swingle, Dave even having a complete change of heart over dog ownership. He now plays with her maybe more than I do!

Now under my prompting (I didn’t nag, just gave him the details) he applied for a job at Burg Finstergrün, and started yesterday. He’s working in the garden and as a general helper. WOW!  Just hope he doesn’t have to meet the dreadful Erna (see posts of my time at t’Burg). The hours mean that there will be time to do the gardens and houses we do already and no need to advertise. I’d felt quite strongly when I began wording it, to stop and I was thinking to myself about it a few days on, and again thought, no the work has to come to us, an hour later we had the call from the Burg.

This leaves me at home (YAAAY) with time to write and I’m really going to work on my painting. I will be doing Meals on Wheels and the holiday changeovers -lets hope its not another season of guests from hell and the main house falling to bits. I have had an approach to baby sit another dog, and I will charge for this. I’ll have to sort the insurance on this, but it could work.

I was also killing some time in Tamsweg last week and I felt propelled to visit Gina who works in one of the shops – she will call me for tutoring her son – YAAY  again! Another ex student is coming to me for more English lessons -Yay! I have a contract to teach English again this autumn, just about the time Dave finishes at the Burg.

So it really seems that stopping trying to do things and leaving it to God means that things come to us, and for the next year, our place is very here. We will Christmas here and maybe afterwards when the ski season lets are over, drive to the UK for a visit, maybe avoiding the cabin fever of this year, all the possibilities are there. Thanks God!

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So it goes on…….


This really strange sense of unreality around me continues, its like being in a weird sort of limbo. Dave has come down with another bout of bronchitis and is hugging the sofa.

I’m helping Linda out with her wood and all sorts of things, so I am being some use to somebody. After helping yesterday, I was feeling a bit light headed when we went shopping. I realised maybe I was hungry, this Menopause has me unable to read my body as I once did, it keeps on changing. So I bought a bar of chocolate. We met some friends and were chatting and I suddenly felt this strange rush, and I thought I was going to black out. I was dizzy, I kept on hoping the conversation was coming to a close and it did. Feeling shaken, I took myself to the Doctors who said it wasn’t  a heart attack or a stroke, but low blood sugar, and I should have some sugar sweets because they deliver the needed sugar, not fat. I felt such a prat, but at least I hadn’t gone to Casualty!

Then, we were praying together and the phone rang. It was a lady from the village, who knew we were looking for work and were we interested in looking after her mother, who wants to come home from a Care-home She was talking about 24 hour care and cooking. Dave and I both felt we couldn’t do this, I’m no Austrian cook, Dave couldn’t help with any women’s stuff, and we just couldn’t do that. We could offer some house and garden care. I told the woman this, and then she said, oh, just from 11 in the morning till 8 at night- a 9 hour shift? I then felt guilty in case God had meant us to do do this, but overall I’m at peace in this. If it’s God’s will, he’ll bring the job back to us. What do you think?