So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Snow report – Matters back to normal!


After our weird week with no snow and the grass showing, we’ve had more white stuff, not as much as last year, but enough!  The  ski resorts  have plenty, and I’ve heard that skiing is great.   We haven’t got enough here to go Cross Country skiing in the valleys, but there’s still time.  The temperatures seem to be swinging between normal cold and up to about+7.  There’s supposed to be shedloads of the white stuff coming in February.  We’ll see!

Our new neighbour in the block, who we’ve nicknamed ‘Nipper‘  in English dialect (he’s in his early 20s) has got a snow blower and a plough, so on the first snow was tinkering away, neither of them working. The little he did do just seemed to make the snow a mess, not actually move it. After the next snowfall overnight, by the time he got up, Linda and the GB contingent had already cleared it away, how long till he admits defeat and buys a shovel?

So of course, the UK is nicking our snow and its quite funny for us to see them all enjoying the little they’re getting!

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Snow update and a shameless asking for Vote for me as your favorite IX12 blog!

Our very own Iceberg!

 England has snow, and the usual moaning stuff on the media, perhaps they should try the regular -15 we’ve had for the past week!  We’ve had a little snow and some due tomorrow, but the resorts have shedloads.  Dave and I are planning this years  veggies, but think its going to be a really late spring compared to last year – just to get the snow melted.  Will be ok of course if it means the snow stops in April, not keeping on into May and June!  Everywhere is crisp here, but the old snow is looking ugly at the sides of the roads, we need another load to make it all pretty again. I suddenly realised I like the snow and the winter, the past couple of years I’d begun to see the winter negatively, but maybe coinciding with my increased confidence in Langlaufing, I really don’t mind it at all, in fact I want more snow so we have to dig ourselves out!  Cant get enough!  Brilliant! Praise God!

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