So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


WPC Transition down the Alm!

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September 2008, bringing Icelandic horses down from the Alm in Riedingtal, Lungau

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Christmas tree rainbows!

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I was feeling lazy and couldn’t face dredging up a rainbow picture for this week’s Photo Challenge of the colours ROYGBIV, then inspiration, where do I bung all the colours together, but on my Christmas trees, so here’s a selection!


Canine Force of Nature

IMG_1394 (2)

I can hear the groans but I couldn’t resist another Swingle Photo Challenge!

IMG_1399 (2)

This force of nature took 15 minutes to disembowel Mr Sheep, and Swingle wouldn~t let me take it back to complain!!!!!!


Ponderings on the Weekly photo challenge


My top post of 2014 -minimalist storm coming

Its been through the jolly old wpc that my blog has found many followers and I’ve found many of the blogs I love to read. I fully admit that I’m guilty of sitting by my laptop on a Friday evening to see what the subject is and how quickly I can create something. I found quite soon (being very competitive) that the quicker I post, the more likes I get – a form of approval seeking for sure!  I’ve decided that this is daft, and I will only post now if the subject really grabs me and a photo springs to mind.

I had a glean around the site today, 100s of entries and the penny has dropped that now all the new posts are at the top of the page-bravo WP, people are not going to trawl to the bottom are they?

What does annoy me, is when I look at some blogs (after I’ve posted) some peeps have just added a pingback to an already published post OR post some completely random subject, where I guess the link is known only to themselves. Some people seem to set their own challenge using the WPC.

COP OUT I say. Shouldn’t we be all original and artistic?


Expressions from the fields!


Feed me?


I’m tired-go away?


Let me outta here?


We’re stuffed?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Companiable

My friend Shira, found wandering on a local mountain and rescued by a dog walker- well Shira joined her! This lady is a nurse, and when she has a long shift, Shira comes to stay with us.  I don’t have a dog at present, but this is nearly as good!