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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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At Last! An Austrian wedding.

After so many funerals over the past years, it was great to get an invite to a wedding. It was of the leader of our local Gemeinde or council and his wife used to run the kindergarten. We just got invited to the church service and the evening do.

The whole thing was quite complicated. I heard that they were awakened with a gun salute at 5 am, which a lot of folks get on a round birthday. Later on in the morning, the Bride and Groom were legally married by a registrar up at Burg Finstergrün and we guess quite a lot of beer followed as Dave spent all Friday setting it up.

Then they were down in Gemeinde and up to all antics. As he is part of the local voluntary fire-brigade, they set up all sorts of jokes, songs and dances. There was also a fake bride, which Linde tells me is a traditional thing.

They then walked up to the church.

They were blessed at the door, then it was a formal service with a Mass.

Lots of people with kids, no one seemed to have thought to bring things to keep the kids quiet! It was lovely that the choir was there and some of the songs were modern and in English.

Afterwards, there was a guard from the Football team and the Kindergarten kids came and sang a song. Wine and bread were on offer.

They also said that cake and coffee was available in the local guest house. The wedding group then went back up to Finstergrün for more drinks etc.

Then there was a big meal at our local restaurant, the Jagglerhof, followed by dancing and merriment.

What a day, makes an English wedding seem quite uncomplicated. Still, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, although we didn’t make it to the evening do. Quite a culture change!

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A strange day…….


Dave and I have been really praying about our future here in Austria and after the events of the past couple of days, I’m begining to wonder if things such as the meeting with the Priest and yesterday’s bizarre afternoon are some form of answer!

In the morning, I had a call from our Pastor, saying he’d had a mysterious phone call from a man in English a few weeks ago and he had arranged to meet him at the Burg at Three in the afternoon. He had no idea what it was for, there was something to do with a warzone and he couldn’t ring the bloke back.  He couldn’t attend anyway as he had to teach that afternoon. So Dave came along to ride shotgun in case it was a depressed asylum seeker from the local centre. We prayed before we went in, maybe God did have his hand on it…

I went to reception and met an familiar face from when I worked there who informed me the mystery man was getting married there that afternoon. We went up to the Chapel where we met his parents who sent someone off to find the groom. They were waiting for our Pastor to come and do a Wedding Blessing or Ceremony, – they had been married civilly earlier as you have to do in Austria. My blood ran cold. The poor bloke who looked shell shocked.

So I rang the Pastor who exploded down the phone. I can’t do weddings without the right paperwork, I’ll end up in Prison, this guy should have sent me all the forms. He wouldn’t/couldn’t even come to do a blessing. All I got was a tirade of how nothing was going to happen, he even said at one stage I could do a blessing myself.

More discussions. Dave and I went down the hill to the Priest’s house. He was a surprised as us. He had been rung by the bloke, but as he wasn’t Catholic there was nothing he could do, nor was he even ready to go and give a blessing. He and given the groom our Pastor’s number. Back to square One. Then I rang Heidi who is one of the lay preachers and is a human dynamo. She agreed at once to come and do a blessing but wouldn’t make it till six. The wedding party took it well, and were taking photos and chilling while they waited. We had to leave as we had another appointment but Heidi rang later and said she did a lovely little service in a candle lit chapel, using English and German. Phew.

And our Pastor? Another phone call spewing the same stuff, not a word of Oh B’*§$% I’ve screwed up big time, I didn’t understand. No, Just this cant be done, its not the law I can’t come. Maybe something has happened to him in the past where he cant own up to stuff, I don’t know. But at least Dave and I were there and by God’s Grace it was sorted. The only thing I regret is that the couple lived in the same part of the world as Andrew Wommack and I wanted to ask if they knew of him………


May 29th 1982

Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Where have the years gone?  Two amazing kids, life’s ups and downs, a new life in Austria, what will the next 30 bring???????