So where's the snow?

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Thunderstorms 2


Yesterday we had a real hum-dinger of a storm, with cellars flooded in Tamsweg, hailstones and all, then it all rushed away to another part of Austria.


Still I got some really good shots as the storm built.


I guess after the week of this that’s forecast I’ll be over this!



Cold, horrible spring


End of May 2013

When we came back to Austria, we were surprised to find how little our plants in the greenhouse had grown.  Even the beans in the garden were a little brown around the edges.  Cold and wet, and so it has continued.  As I write on May 31st, our part of Europe is lying  under a big swirl of wet, dripping cold rain and snow. We had one day where we frantically weeded and grass cut, then it hit.  One day of semi dry, but now it’s been raining solidly for 48 hours and  there is no forecast let up until after the weekend.   The hills are once again snow covered and the news has already reported landslides and earthslides.  The Mur hasn’t risen greatly yet as the rain has been of drizzle intensity.  I’d seen some cows going up the hills in the trailers, I hope they have some shelter.  The Cuckoo arrived yesterday, along with the swallows, they were a good two weeks later than last year, and not as many  maybe they pressed on through this yuck. We’ve even kept the fire lit in the evenings, having run out of wood, we’re on woodpulp logs.

However, when we looked at the photos of last year, things are roughly the same with peas and beans, but the courgettes were way ahead last year, and we have all the geraniums still in the greenhouse.  I’m comforted that the UK has had a late spring too!!!!


End of May 2012

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Snow Prediction – Update


Having blogged this in November, and in the hope that spring really is not far away, it’s time to see how this forecast went!

There’s a local man, Horst Noebl -well in the Pinzgau region of Salzburgerland who has made some pretty accurate predictions of the weather.  We’re in the same county so it should apply!

Its going to be a snow rich winter, worse (that depends on your outlook) than last year. Not really. It wasn’t snow rich until the middle of January.  The resorts had enough and at the right time, but not ample amounts.  We had ten days with no snow at all on the ground in January and even went walking up in the usually inpenetrable hills!

The rest of November will be changeable with lots of precipitation. For the mountains there will be a good covering of snow. However it is likely these in December will melt and before Christmas it will be unusually warm. Before Christmas, the cold and new snow will also arrive in the lower lands.  But it is also possible that it wont arrive here until after Christmas (that’s hedging your bets)! Right! So Right! ‘cept the melt lasted until the middle of January.

January will be very cold, to -20, but with little snowfall.Wrong, was when it really began to snow properly.  It wasn’t that cold, it was relatively mild, to -10! There was quite a phase when the snow was just too gripping for good skiing.

February and the first part of March will be the time for heavy snow fall. The Easter holidays will be great for skiing.  Right, but it’s now the beginning of April and it’s still snowing, although it melts quite quickly.  What this guy didn’t see was the slipping of the Jet stream to the south, which has delayed spring, caused floods in southern Europe and extra snow, a delayed spring.

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Garden Time, hot, hot, hot

The freaky weather continues, with this long spell of really hot weather regularly 30 degrees with thunderstorms all around. Apparently its all to do with the Jet stream that has slipped down a bit giving the UK the horrible amount of rain they’ve been having, and it means we’re stuck with the hot air from the south.  We’ve got off lightly with damage from hail and rain, but in the fruit growing regions of Austria the damage to fruit and grain crops has been enormous. Still the 36 degrees we clocked one day isn’t normal.

The garden likes it though and the heat and rain has our courgette plants growing like Triffids, and a glut of cucumbers in the greenhouse. We’ve just harvested the first peas – sugar snap which you eat the lot and are much sweeter than Mange tout.  the first Courgettes are there and the Kohl rabi are ready.   I’m just so enjoying having the time to do all this, no more Burg!  In the greenhouse we have pea sized Tomatoes, nothing red, not so good.  We also planted an Okaido pumpkin, a red one which is quite sweet but great in stews, this is trying to take the place over, three times the size of its brother outside.  Of course the drip watering system Dave installed helps!

In the garden I tried sweet peas in a huge tub, with posts to grow y, but the cold spell held them back, I put in two packets, then another two when they didn’t germinate -result forest and no flowers yet!



18th June

We’ve had this incredibly hot weather recently, and I think the farmers have been doing their nuts in, fetching in as much hay as possible.  Too hot for me, I expected to be cold all the time here!  On this day, we had this temperature record for us.

Dave and I were watching a dvd later that night, the weather man saying no thunder tonight when we noticed it getting a bit dark.  In five minutes this what I can only describe as a tornado crashed through, plants went horizontal,  petunias in the window box over flowing with water, various veggies flattened. 

The rain was full on the north side of our house, Linda said her hall was flooded.  It hurtled through leaving so much damage.  My shots of the hail were blurred, shame, and no way was I opening the window to take the piccies! 

We heard later that the hailstones on Obertauern were like golf balls and in Kendlebruck south down the valley from us, they had about 3 inches. 

Bit like the shock storm we had last summer when I was at the Burg.  Crazy weather!

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May Day

Unlike England, the May holiday in Austria is taken on the day it falls, this year being a Tuesday, so a lot of people are taking a long weekend, and there’s another holiday on the 17th and then there’s Pfingsten or Pentecost,  sometimes I’m quite happy with the Catholic church! Don’t think there’s anyone leaping about here with Pagan festivals, but you never know

After last week, when it snowed, we hit a heat wave with temperatures in the 20s.  I fell about laughing as Dave tried to light the fire in the evening as it was warmer outside than in, he wouldnt listen to me, and so all the smoke came pouring though the wood burner and fell to the ground like special effect ghostly smoke! Opening all the doors shifted it and once the sun was behind the hill the temperature dropped and it lit. Our flat has walls of about two foot thick, excellent insulation, but often in the summer we have to open all the windows to let the warm in!

The hot weather meant a rapid snow melt on the mountains, so now both rivers are in full spate of brown water and all sorts of interesting things are coming down as stuff left stranded by the low levels in winter is washed down.  I’ve seen at least two trees go over the waterfall, quite a sight!   The noise of the water all around us is amazing, maybe you can liken it to white noise, but I love it.  Now the weather has gone what I term,’close’ warm and humid and there’s thunder forecast tomorrow,I  just hope we can get our garden planted and the grass cut in time!  Driving around today, it seems most folks are planting their gardens with the veggy seeds, and a few even have plants out.  Just hope it isn’t like last year when it snowed in May and June and set everything back.  

I’ve rambled on before about the Dandelions here, but in our back garden they seem to have appeared from nowhere and more than usual. I wonder if the heavy winter will have its effect on the plants?  Of course, soon as it got warm, most of the birds have taken themselves off , to somewhere where there must be more goodies for them to eat, such un-gratefullness!