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Weather Cross

These are part of the Lungau culture, out up to bless the fields. All the ones I’ve seen so far have been old and made of wood.

This one is sparkly brand new and we found it near Zankwand.

Can you read all the symbolic symbols that are on it? It’s also a special Easter blessing too.

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The Lungau Weather Cross

P1240266 (3)

On our recent walk around Göbendorf and Pichl, we found a brand new Weather Cross. These are erected to ask for a blessing on the crops and farms (no comment on daft Catholic beliefs here!).  We saw another in the distance, they all seem to be on the Mariapfarr side of the Lungau.


They are very symbolic and traditionally carry the following symbols, Hammer, pincers, nails, the lance, spear with a sponge (we did think it a sausage at first), ladder, dice, the cockerel, the bleeding heart, the chalice, the bag with the 30 silver coins, with the spears in the shape of Christ‘s arms. This one didn’t seem to have the bag, but instead the face of Christ on a cloth which we read as his garments which were gambled for.  At least no one here in Austria would ever think of suggesting it was in any way offensive, not like in  some stupidly politically correct countries………..