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Village Tales #2

Mr B and I were enjoying the sunshine after a week of bad weather and we heard some deer barking (they do) on the hills and a stag running away. Oh, more bad weather coming he said, rats thought I!

After I told him about the Ice pond, he sort of remembered that and then said about 50 years ago he was asked to go and help clear the water source at Burg Finstergrün.  You can just see the door in the rock in the picture. He said  he went in about 100 metres and then did a a left and he was in a mine. He and his mate went along and he saw many ‘Stollens’ or tunnels running off. They cleared it and he said it was the best pure water. How I would love to go and look if I didn’t get claustrophobic!!!



A new little job!


The Thomatalerbach is the stream which borders our flat to the south and  east, I hear it thunder when it rains a lot and it’s an accompanying sound to life here. It only carries the name from the village, before that it is the Shonfeldbach.  Lissie asked me last year if I would like to take over the job of recording it’s flow for  Land Salzburg.


This means every other day going down and reading four meters, recording them, and once a month sending the  whole lot off in the post.DSCN3464Its used to measure water flow through the county, and as most of the electricity is water generated, I guess its needed, but I was surprised the quality isn’t measured too.  DSCN3462Other counties have the system automated, but here it is still manual and so is a nice little earner!The Pegel stand as its called is right next to the road and is at the mouth of the river where it joins the Mur and the steps are a bit steep for my liking!  DSCN3455Of course I’ve been a bag of nerves the first few times, couldn’t read one meter, then got the keys stuck in the lock, but I’m getting the hang. For  perhaps twenty minutes a week, its fascinating and makes me feel I own the river!DSCN3460It’s been a very dry winter so the river is low, and there’s loads of ice from the cold weather.  Eventually I’ll be able to do it with the dog in tow, but at the moment I need to relax a bit! DSCN3454

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Travel theme:Liquid

We’ve had plenty of that in Austria this year, wonder if we’ll get loads to in the frozen form……….?  The footpath isn’t under the water, the sign was washed away!

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Garden Time – rain, rain, rain

May 31st

We have had a spell of what is maybe normal spring weather, damp air, heavy thundery showers but thank heavens, no frosts.  Of course it means  that the plants are well watered but now we begin to panic about mould in the greenhouse!  Still, I’ve got everything planted out, even the emergency windowsill courgettes have been bunged out on a plot! I can sense the frustration of the farmers as it going to rain everyday for the next week according to the forecast, and its the start of hay and silage time.

The birds have mostly taken themselves off, but to my delight, this year a family of Greenfinches has stayed behind and are chomping on the few sunflower seeds I put out. The sparrows don’t argue with them like they do the Tits and they share the table together. We have a resident cuckoo for the first time, its worse than a clock you can’t switch it off!  The meadow below us is full of campion, ragged robin, daisies of course, Buttercups, Spreading bellflowers, and Meadow Bistort.When the sun shines, and I’m doing the ironing, I have the bedroom window open and the smell comes wafting in.  I often put the radio on and have found the Radio 4 extra, last week I had the joy of a Morecombe and Wise show, plus the Dad’s army radio show, quite a giggle or am I showing my age???????

I’ve met my share-dog, it’s a lovely golden retriever, the vet thinks about five years old, already spayed, how could anyone bother to buy a pedigree dog, have it done, then abandon it?  Lizzie and I are looking forward to our dog duties!

One thing I have noticed on my blogs – no mention of stress, hating job, sleeplessness, tiredness, I just go, do me cleaning, come home and forget about it.  Bliss, thanks God!