So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Look up!

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I know I keep on about it…

This first spring back in the UK is a wonder. I’ve been so used to the Alpine seasons, and the late snow that can wipe everything out. Now I’m jumping about as if I’ve never been in England before!

The birch and beech trees as they newly unfurl give off this most glorious scent. It reminds me of when I would ride Monty through the enclosures on the forest.

Here on the golf course, there are so many species of trees. It’s as if they are all new. And as they are masked in their green splendour, for a while, I almost missed they skeletal beauty from the winter.

There are loads of bluebells here, but they somehow, just aren’t so exciting. I am more bowled over by the profusion of wild strawberries on the tip and hills.

What season are you in? What’s your favourite?

Each day as I walk Swingle, I praise and thank God for bring me home.

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This year has been stunning. Here’s a small selection of my favourite shots!

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Snow in Summer!

Not unusual here, but I’ve never seen seeds like these before. I think they might be Poplar

Or maybe they’re just crazy fluffy caterpillars!

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November morning


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Golden October

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A most amazing October, warm, sunny, high pressure, blue clear skies and the most amazing tree colours!