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Unlucky Lessach???

I have earlier blogged about deathograms, or what is called Kleindenkmals in the Lungau.  This is where a tragedy has occurred and a small picture and a verse are mounted on a pole with places for flowers – well you’ll see.  The pictures I used were all on the roads in Lessach, one of the Lungau valleys.  We recently walked further along the same road and found even more, which makes a total of 9  in about 2km.  Is is that the place is  unlucky or just the Lessachers are more into this, maybe a resident artist? There is a large Chapel on the entrance to the valley asking in a typically Catholic fashion for St Christopher to allow a safe passage through the valley…………


This one is dated 1881, and the guy fell off the mountain, quite graphic details here!


This one is 1991, and a tractor fell on this man.


This one is 1856, quite typical, someone working alone in the forest and a tree falls on him.


This one is 1896, and a hunter was found dead, you can see the naughty gams (or chamois) that may have caused it lurking in the background.


This is 1985, a hunter tragically died. This is added to the other four in the post below!  Just what’s going on here????????????

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Travel theme:Peaceful

DSCN2179Today in the Lungau, Weisspriach.  What could be more peaceful????