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Perfect summer

This summer in Lungau has been text book. The farmers had just enough rain and sun for their first cut of silage. We had the heat of 30 degrees, but it was bridged with rain that had the best growing conditions for the flowers and the veges. I found it too hot when I had to go grass mowing with Dave, but I just don’t do hot. He’s spent a working life out in the heat, and to use his highest form of insult, I was born to work in an office………

We had odd bouts where there was snow on the tops, but you can have snow here any season of the year! Some farmers made three cuts of hay and silage, and there has been time for the grass to re-grow for when the cows come down. I’ve yet to get my picture of them looking out of the trailer tops.

We’ve had brilliant thunderstorms that went with the hot weather and yes, there had been a lot of damage, but where we’re protected by the Tauern mountains, we missed it this year. But all normal alpine weather, if bit more extreme due to the higher temperatures!

The final heat ended on the dot of September first, and since then its been appreciably colder, thank heavens. The hill behind us is white again this morning after a couple of days of rain, and I think of the cows stuck up there. In 2007 there was a really heavy snow and a lot died, but I think this will melt.

And the fruit and veges have been brilliant, and we celebrate our first ever Lungau melon!

Only down side was I seem to have the latest ripening Elderberry tree in the valley and I may only be able to make jam, but I have a few bottles of last years to keep us going!

How was your summer? Or those in other climes, your winter?


Before and After


Stormy time in Lungau!


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Storm coming from Thomatal


After all this blackness it rolled away into Steiermark! FB click on the link for slideshow.

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Storm over the lane


Apparently the Jet stream is doing a wobbly again, and hence we had a heatwave with temperatures reaching +34 here. This all ended with a period of storm, and boy, were they storms! This was the first which was maybe the most dramatic. There was a hay hut struck by lightning, someone had ┬átrees fall behind and in front, lots of landslides and rock falls. But now we’re in a cooler phase, with rain. I’d actually got used to the heat and was on the whole coping with it, but at the moment, for me, its just right!

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Thunderstorms 2


Yesterday we had a real hum-dinger of a storm, with cellars flooded in Tamsweg, hailstones and all, then it all rushed away to another part of Austria.


Still I got some really good shots as the storm built.


I guess after the week of this that’s forecast I’ll be over this!


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We’re always being told about how things go back to your childhood, but this one I know goes back. No idea how old I was, but in our house in Winchester, we had a huge storm overhead. A loud one. and I was scared. I must have yelled. So for once I had my mother’s attention and I think my brothers too as they banged away on the piano and made me laugh. So I relate storms as being positive things, where I have some love and attention around me. Daft innit?


It also means that I like to play ‘scare’ in the garden when a storm comes down the valley, just how long before the closeness sends me scuttling in. There’s probably something Freudian in that too!


Coming storms also send┬áme out with the camera for shots of building clouds and dark horizons. We’ve had a spate of daily storms going along with the recent hot spell.


This farmhouse always reminds me of the house peeping over the hill at the start of ‘watch with mother’. Showing my age here!

The farmers around went mad cutting their fields for hay, and maybe for once showed more sense in realising that the weather would break earlier than the forecast said. A few did still get caught out with wet hay left in the field but I guess that’s not so important with silage.



Do You like storms?