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Thomotal Church#3

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Thomotal Church #2

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Thomotal Church#1

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Thomotal Church – a new aspect


Photographing the photographer!

Last year, I went nuts with photoing the really unique side altar in Thomotal Church, but never got around to a return visit until the Georgiritt.


I legged it in after the service, but this time, the light and the cloud incense had me off again.


I talked to one of the servers and he said the side altar has been reduced in size as they keep on  breaking the glass jars!


I’ll be publishing a series of these shots, its a church I now want to go back to, to worship.


It has ousted Mariapfarr as it is being rennovated and I’m sure wont be the same again!


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Georgiritt, Thomotal

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Part of our regular events, I’ve blogged about it annually. Last year, I did a compilation of pictures I’ve taken of two boys, who I’ve seen growing up over the years-I’ve copied it below. So what were they up to this year! It seems the younger has a new baby, typical boy he hadn’t spent much time grooming her. The older was riding a youngster, possibly the one he lead last year, couldn’t be more than three, to young for such a large breed. But they seem to enjoy their horses, rats to jodhpurs, hats and correctness! And what’s all this with the felt stuff? Enjoy!


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The Parish Church, Thomotal

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It’s not often that a church building catches at me, I have already blogged about MariaPfarr and the wonderful light there during our Sunday services in the summer. This church is now closed for two years for restoration, I just hope the spirit of the place doesn’t get banished in new paint and windows.


I only photograph in churches if there is something of the Glory of God there, something that touches the soul. So I was so surprised when I went into the Thomotal church during the Georgi-ritt this year. It’s an old church, there’s no electricity and the place was lit by candles. Trouble was there was someone snuffing them out and the light was dimmed. What caught my eye was the´most extraordinary side altar.

P1260217 (2)

The bowls filled with coloured water are lit behind by night lights.


I was caught in the rush as the horses were due to move off, which explains the bad focusing.

P1260227 But maybe this reflects in turn the air of the place.


I will go back in the next few weeks and find out more and photo it more, but maybe that moment will be gone.

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