So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog




My nice little job measuring the Thomatalerbach has one disadvantge. This year, where we’ve had so much rain, the river brings down with it loads of sand, which flows into the reading area. Muggins here has to shovel it out as it goes over the numbers. Quite hard work, but I’ve a shovel with a long handle for traction. Its not unpleasant on a hot afternoon with my feet in the water and at least I’m paid for the time, but I just wish it would stop raining so much!

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The Lane, April 17th 2009

Some watery shots on the Thomatalerbach!



DSCN3457 (2)

For the past week or so, the snow has started to melt and we’ve had rain.


Thomatalerbach further upstream by the old mill

The Mur and the Thomatalerbach are now full of action and up to a more normal level after the very dry autumn.

DSCN3457 (2)

When I first saw the line last Friday, I thought there was a problem, but Lizzie says its normal!