So where's the snow?

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Thomatal Kraftwerk

A powerstation or kraftwerk is going to be built in the field below our house. On the spot in this picture,you can see our sitting room window through the trees.

We were invited to a meeting to convince us that no one will hear the turbine. Then we all met in the field site.

Now I must eat my words! I’ve always said there should be small power stations on rivers, imagining a rustic looking shed with a little turbine. This will run from a pond further up the valley, with a pipe running down the road and dropping to us, where the turbine will be.

Apparently all the landowners have agreed, so it’s as good as settled, however much we may protest. They’re onto a nice earner.

There is an industrial precedent here, this is the old weir in the field that used to run to fill the water conduit for the old paper mill.

With a heavy heart, there is nothing we can do. If this was the UK, we could probably claim compensation for noise and loss in value of our house! They said my water meter reading job remains, but I am doubtful.

Poor Thomatalbach, what will happen when we have a dry summer or what will be the effect on the eco system?

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Spring rains

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After a really warm Sunday with Arabian dust in the air, we woke up to swollen rivers and gloomy skies. The Thomatal was nearly up to the top of the new defences they put in last year, can see it going over the top,someone has underestimated, especially as the channel is narrower. The Mur is at the highest for several years and I guess the snow melt has increased the flow, and there’s so much to melt. It makes me so aware that our house is three quarters surrounded by water!  Most of all is the noise, the rivers rushing and roaring. All this morning while I was doing the housework I had the windows open to hear the music of the rivers. Wonderful I feel so blessed!