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The healing power of the word

After my last post, I was really mithering on about my pain over the kids and letting my emotions gambol all over me. Then in the evening, I was happy again. A post on FB about pit ponies which I’m researching for my next book, was bringing in loads of great comments and I was thinking I must copy them down.

Then I got a message saying my post went against community guidelines, as spam! The way it read was the repetition of the word ponies had woken up some stupid algorithm. Post gone, account blocked until I put a new password in as it then thought someone had accessed my account. I was good,  I would just go with it, so I posted on the group what had happened and thanked them.

In the morning, it was still very cold and frozen and I really didn’t want to go an do my voluntary work with the Riding for the Disabled. This has been havering on inside for a while, and I don’t understand. Maybe it has something to do with all the sessions I missed before Christmas when I was ill. Its the one time a week I get out of the house and do something on my own, with like-minded people. Is it being stuck in a rut, not having driven on my own for a while, or God changing my mind? So I cancelled, only to find there was no session due to the ice.

Still in a turmoil, I came to my room and read my daily reading, my hand itching to switch on the laptop and sort the FB thing out. I resisted. When done reading,  I  changed the password and realised I had my peace back again.

It was the word, seeping into my sub consciousness and calming me. Next time you’re in a state, Anna, pick up the word. READ IT. You don’t have to meditate on it, just let those powerful words heal your emotions. It happened again another morning, same result, it works!