So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


The lane, May 31st 2013


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So, the last post from my year on the lane. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. Hope you enjoyed it. What shall I do next? My main problem is that I still want to go and take piccies there, but they’re all the same thing!

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P1310856There’s so many crocuses along the lane this year, I think its going to be a good one. Mr B has been telling me the local names for flowers and they are ‘Käseblumerl’. We were looking at this fence that had come down in the rain, it was rotten, his comment, ‘Schlaganfall’ !(Stroke)


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The Lane, then and now

A picture taken in approximatley the 1950s


Another one taken by us in 2014 before Paggy died. We think the little dot is the now huge pine tree!


2016 – not quite the same angle, but now all of Paggy’s trees have gone, you can see more.



The Lane in April

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April 7th 2008! Brrrrrrrrr!   FB click on the link for pictures!


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The Lane February


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Another slideshow, but it’s a quiet time of year. Interesting how it varies though!  FB click on the link.

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The Lane, January

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I’ve been so busy the last month, that I’ve completely missed my postings about the lane! It’s a changing place, as I seem to meet more people when I walk there with the dog. Dear Mr Bogensberger who now has bits of bacon for Swingle, many neighbours on an afternoon walk. Its becoming a social place.  Just wish whoever keeps on putting old bits of meat out for the foxes would stop, and the  deer from pooping in just one of the fields where Swingle has to eat bits of it (YUCK), let alone the body of the deer somewhere ion the wood where she will run off to and grab a bit if she sneaks off!  Here’s a slideshow from past years! FB click on the link.