So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Swingle acting like a teenager!


Visiting Burg Funstergr√ľn

I’ve noticed that Swingle has been a bit accident prone lately, slipping on some stones, crashing over, thumping her head when she lies down and so on. This morning she was rock climbing at the side of the Muradweg when she misjudged and fell down, catching a paw between the stones, she held the paw up but was ok after some sympathy, although she didn’t attempt the walls again, but waited for the grassy slopes. I was horrified that I might have to carry her home – Dave of course said just leave her there! She seems ok now though. Doesn’t that sound like a teenager though – misjudging, being gawky and awkward. I wonder if this means she’s having a growth spurt? I’m sure someone, somewhere has done a study on puppy growth…..


Another worrying thing is she’s started playing with her toys again, it may be due to the weather cooling-we’ve had a long hot spell and she does flag. Or is it the effect of worming and she’s feeling good? She’s much better now at not eating everything disgusting she finds on walks. She’s also using her front paws, she can grip a yogurt pot by the throat until it’s clean!


Tug of war with Lucy

She’s now finished Puppy school , no way am I going back to take a test, she’ll never answer the orders in German! She was a complete tart at the last one, rushing up to all the largest dogs, barking like mad at them, then running away into the long grass and hiding from them. Heavens knows what all that was about! I’ve never known her bark so much. Still, no more muzzle!

The latest achievement is snorkeling. Looking for a stick that had sunk to the bottom of the river, she discovered going under water. This caused a lot of spluttering and sneezing but the other day she finally got the knack and was fishing un-chucked sticks up for ages. At least she hasn’t asked for a mask to do it! I must get ¬†a piccie when the weather warms up enough again for her to want to swim.