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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Well, I’ve been out of work since I finished the English teaching, and have had the most wonderful summer, as I’ve wittered on previously. I really have had enough of trying for jobs and getting it wrong.  So I said to God, no more.  If you want me to work, let the work be sent to me.  I will be obedient when the Job centre send things and I must apply, but beyond that, I am enjoying home life!

Last week I get a call from the Volkshochschule asking me for ideas for a couple of evening classes, so I went in and met a lovely lady, threw ideas about and left it with her.  Complete peace. God has totally healed me from all the pain and damage of the course I taught.

This morning I had a call from the company who I taught English through this summer. Grovelling. Asking me back. Boy, they must have been desperate. Dave and I prayed about it.  I really was gobsmacked. But my heart was lifted. Ideas are bombing around my head. It couldn’t be any worse than last time.  This time I will do it in HIS strength. Maybe last time was a teaching  for me.  I had been saying to God, how I would rather be teaching with passion about him than anything else.  Then he reminded how I felt I was serving him when I taught riding.  Serving others and blessing him.  We have a new House church staring in our house this autumn. I have permission from the PCC to begin investigating finding rooms for the Protestant church in Tamsweg.

Astonished!  I start on Monday.

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Adding Insult to Injury


I’m sure dear reader, you are all agog to hear the continuing saga of how to be out of work in Austria, so here’s the next installment. We’re having this ridiculously hot summer which makes me feel quite ill, so am glad I’m not working out in the heat!

I waited for nearly two weeks to get my leaving contract and feedback from Ibis acam, and there was nothing. Being in a frail state of mind over the whole thing, I was permanently checking the mobile and then being pleased there was no call.  In the end , I did have to send an email, because I needed stuff for the AMS. I said what’s going on, where’s the promised feedback, told the boss how his prevarication hadn’t helped the situation and how the whole thing had ended up a nightmare for me.

This finally got a response, I was no longer Anna, but Frau Rashbrook so I got it straight away.  It seemed that the majority of feedback forms were ok, but most said that my German wasn’t good enough to explain things about English.  It was a relief to know one way or the other.  I guess I’m not meant or gifted to be a teacher and I’m walking away.  No more teaching English. Riding I can do, but that door is closed.

So I’m thoroughly enjoying time at home, doing some decorating, pottering in the garden, writing a lot, and trying to hear what God has to say to me and not trying to sort this out by myself. Dave and I have both had pictures and bible readings to do with doors, which gives us hope.

I’m also struggling with the self pity and as usual, retreating into a private shell at home which suits me fine. BUT just to  make things better, the effect of my hormonal injection I had after the hysterectomy has just worn off = random excuses to burst into tears – yesterday it was the sight of the tin of birthday cake candles that triggered it and I never know what will be next.  I’m also getting occasional bouts of  nausea like being pregnant.  I must let my body sort itself out, but how long I can stand this insult I can’t imagine!

Dave is having work experience (at his age!) with a firm of gardeners and maybe something may come of it.  I expect I’ll have to take a winter job in a Hotel, but quite honestly, if we don’t find work, we may have to return to the UK, where there is no language barrier to fall over. Would it be better?  I have already realised how the Health care is worse in the UK, I’d miss the snow, but I really don’t know what is next.