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Tag des denkmals, update


Towards Mauterndorf

Dave and I went for a walk around Gröbendorf from Mauterndorf, and from a grey start it turned into one of those glorious blue sky days.


I drove Dave nuts with the camera.


So my original theory was that the ruin was an Smithy and a forge that was waterpowered, as I’d seen ponds  in farmhouse garden further up the road.


When we we looked, we could see they were steam fed and had never been diverted form the Turrach, so were never storage ponds for the forge.  One theory gone!


Then we walked onto the next village , Pichl, where  I thought there was an oven for smelting.


Wrong, it was a Knights Castle and was ever only a castle.


It was surrounded by the farm  of what must be a very wealthy farming  family.  This must be the poshest private chapel in Lungau!


So still no ideas of the origins of the ruin, but had a great walk!   Time Team please come and sort out!!!!

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Tag des denkmals, or Memorial day in the Lungau


This annual event always brings up something exciting to look at in Lungau and this year was no exception.


The origins of this building have been lost in time, except that it was built as a medieval tower.


Arch uncovered by the excavations when the walls were repaired.

Over the past two winters much had fallen down so this year some much need restoration has taken place – the owner said that the stairs were hanging in mid air before they were given a new wall.


It was used as a farm house in living memory and there were many reminders lying about the place as we went about.


It was also burnt at one stage, the charred ceilings till remaining.


There was some idea that it dated back to the Roman times,the village was apparently once called Grave village but no evidence has been found by the archaeologists who did a recent survey and some test digs.


Much of it was robbed out to build the local farms, and on the side by the river, apparently the ground is filled with the left over rubble.


There may be a cellar or another room at a lower level here.


Now Dave and I had our Time Team hats on and had a quick trot around the village and think we know what the origins of this wonderful building are, but we need to go and take photos to plead our case.  What do you think it’s origins are?