So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

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Swingle finds some snow!

Up at Schönfeld for our first big walk of the year, there was still some snow left, so guess who went nuts! FB click on the link for the slideshow!

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Swingle, scoobie snacks,stinks, sleep and squirrels

One medium sized black dog was nearly put up for re-homing last week! It began with the knowledge that she did need worming because she was so hungry all the time. I went out one afternoon leaving my new Primark jacket in the hall forgetting I had left her favourite scoobie snacks in the pocket. Result above, one ruined coat. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t just bought it on our last trip home to replace another much worn jacket that Swingle had chewed a lot in her first year, Dave said I looked scruffy in it, but I’d loved it. The only way I could get rid of it was leaving it in our son’s cupboard when we left the UK.

The next day I took her for a walk by the pong house, one of our favourite ones in Tamsweg, and so so she found a dead fish and rolled in it. Result one furious dog having to have a bath, served her right.

Then I got the worm tablets and as I had suspected and forgotten, she reacts badly to the chemical = two broken nights and another trip to the vets.

Then one bleary eyed morning, I let her out then looked still bleary out of the kitchen window. On the bird table was one of the cute tufty black squirrels that have been pigging all the sunflower seeds. Swingle swaggered around the corner and scared it. But instead of leaping safely into the tree behind, it leapt into the greenhouse where I hope it actually knocked itself out it was so quick. So next thing, one pleased dog was finishing off the squirrel.  She didn’t try to eat it and let me take it away. Poor Tufty. I’ve seen another one since, it was also a youngun, and this had the sense to jump into the Elderberry tree.

This week, Swingle has been playing at being a prefect dog…… far

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While there have been weekly posts for the past few months, they were all written and posted in October on the timer!  So what have I been up to?

I taught my annual English course for nine weeks until December 2nd.

On December 4th we set off for the UK in our Panda, with Swingle riding shotgun on the back seat.

December 7th, we took Eurotunnel and arrived in a murky UK.

We spent six days with Dave’s family, two with our friends in New Milton, three with my brother in Somerset, and then ten days with our son and his wife in Wareham.  CHRISTMAS!

Then on December 27th we went through the tunnel again and on the 30th arrived home.

New Year with our eyes firmly closed until the village siren went off.

Days spent sorting out my new job in St Margarethen, paperwork, catching up with friends, eating chocolate…..I haven’t had time to get depressed or sad, much to Dave’s relief as he doesn’t want another dog!

Next week I’m off to St Wolfgang to begin my training as a librarian.

Then maybe when I get back, I will finally have enough time to write about all of our adventures!

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Swingle gets surprised!


Was nothing, off I go!


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Swingle and Mr B


Swingle has trained Mr B to carry biccies for her. If we’re along the lane, she can scent he is there and rushes off barking as loud as she can. She stops and sits by him, and he drops the titbits in her mouth. Presently I catch up and we chat, and sometimes he gives me a sweet!!!!!!  I took this photo secretly so I can make it into a Christmas card for him!!!


Neverending quest!


This summer, Swingle has found a new quest


And despite how many times


I chuck the flippin stick


she’s off on the quest to rescue it


and bring it back to safety


and she never gets fed up


rescuing sticks from a watery end!


<a href=””>Quest</a&gt;


One year of dog ownership!

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One year on, 11 kg lighter (me that is), considerable poorer (us), house with some chewed bits and all the shoes kept outside (she still can’t resist at times) fenced in garden (why didn’t we do it before we got a dog??), new doggy friends made (both of us), bed now shared by three, an estatic greeting every time we get home, dribbling if we eat in front of her (!), joy in the surrounding walks (both of us), me surprised by how much Dave plays with her= HAPPY!

She’s grown into a loving dog, will do anything for a treat, is ok at being left at home for about four hours (well she is blackmailed with chews), does bark a bit a new people (oops), has a definite routine which she thrives on, doesn’t need as much exercise as I’d thought (phew), is great with other dogs, just wish she wouldn’t eat any carrion she finds before I get to her (stinky), and she comes pretty well to call (blackmail every time!), hates the bath (so don’t roll in poo), altogether a joy!