So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog



Alm flowers

I recently picked up a very powerful book about being a Holy Seer, and am reading the book enthralled and almost scared.  We all look at the Supernatural, even secular people look at ghosts and spooks.  I’d love to see more of this dimension and express this in writing, my role model being Elizabeth Goudge where the spirit world peeps around the corners of all her words and imagery.   Some say fasting and prayer are ways into this and I agree, fasting does sharpen all your senses and maybe operates the brain in a new way to see other ways.  Like wise meditation hones your thoughts and thinking in new directions.  All of these in my own pathetic way I’m trying to do more of!  One thing that this book most impressed me was that we don’t have 5 senses, we have 15!  Firstly  for example smell. A flower smells like a flower – this is our physical reaction. But his smell initiates memories or associations, our soulish sense.  Then there is the spiritual smell which I found more difficult to get my head around, in the heavenly realms there are scents and smells, the author talks of smelling flowers when praying.  Fascinating and awe-inspiring!

Then it came to me about the Internet.  It doesn’t actually physically exist – except maybe on a computer somewhere. Yet I have an invisible connection now with people through my blog, who I’ll never meet or speak to in person but we can communicate in messages and pictures.  If we can do this, what would it be like tapping into the real spiritual world around us?  It’s there throughout the Bible and Paul talks about our daily battles with entities and kingdoms, not to mention out support in Angels.  Wow.  And there’s one thing I find great, in heaven there will be horses – see the Old Testament visions!!


Ascension and Pentecost

One of the recent Holidays here was for Ascension day, as in when Jesus returned to heaven before he sent the Holy Spirit down on Pentecost – next weekend’s holiday!  Now I don’t hold with all this time and date setting it’s just a man-made thing although we can guess a timescale from the events in the Bible.  There was quite a lot of stuff on the TV on the day here, which I liked. In the UK no one would dare to stand up for the Faith of the Country, they might offend a Muslim  somewhere.  I’ve never heard of a Muslim complaining of things which are often found in their own creed.  It’s the idiotic political correct politicians who cause all our problems –rant over!

 Back to the TV, they were showing a church that is  dedicated to the Ascension and the pictures on the ceilings.  One of which showed one of the Apostles looking heavenwards, at a picture of the soles of a pair of feet!  My first reaction was to giggle but Dave told me off!  Then I thought, well maybe this is a simple way to portray the event, although we’re told he disappeared in clouds.

Its one of those mysteries I suppose is beyond human understanding, although as Science increases more theories come forward and explain things.  How did a man die, resurrect then disappear into heaven, God knows!  At church on Sunday we actually had a good sermon about this time for us as Christians. During this pause  inbetween the two major events we can eagerly await the arrival of the Holy Spirit – the Pastor was forgetting himself a bit about how this is all a marginal calendar.  But what struck me most was that unlike the Apostles at the time, we know whats coming.  We have the sureness. They had only a death, a miracle and an abandonment.  If only they’d know they wouldn’t have had to hide in fear and trembling!