So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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One of my favourite places to walk the dog, goes past this abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the village of Einach. We have had such a damp year, the plants around it have run rampant. Blackberries, hops and flowers!

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This warm, wet summer has made for some stormy weather and some spectacular clouds!

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How’s your summer?

We’re having a warm and wet summer this year, compared to last year’s hot and dry. As it may be our last summer here, I’ve been enjoying it as much as possible and making videos and photographing to make memories. Here are some of my favourite piccies.

We’ve had a couple of viewings of the flat.#, but no offers yet. We’re in no hurry!

Travelling to the UK is getting better,as the quarantines get relaxed. However, we may have to sell up, store our furniture here, and go house searching when we get there!

How’s your summer?

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June bugs! They’re having a rampant year, in the mornings our lawn is filled with them bumbling about. They get in the washing, I had one down my neck this morning! The dog has eaten a couple but I don’t think they’re tasty. The birds don’t seem to be feeding on them either. It will only be for a couple of weeks they’re around. I’m hoping there will be a similar plague of fireflies later in the summer!

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At this time of the year, the cows are taken up to the meadows or alms for their summer grazing. It has always made me chuckle at them looking over the top of the transporters. It’s like they’re saying, whooppee, holiday, after all winter in a barn. Although that barn must be warm and they are fed wonderful hay and silage!

For thirteen years I haven’t succeeded in getting a good shot of this. This morning, there were loads of trailers on the move as the alms are officially opened. I was out with Swingle and saw a brilliant one heading along the road; lots of heads hanging over the top. I had my camera with me, and just as they got to us, the local siren went off. Swingle began to howl, sat in the middle of the road, and I had to grab her in case of cars. Results attached!

We won’t be here next year, so I’ll have to keep my camera alert!

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Changing weather


We now have a cooler spell after the heatwave. It made me laugh when the radio announcer said this morning that there wouldn’t be any summerly temperatures; only 24 to 25c. How quickly things change, 30 is the new normal!