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Cooking I enjoy when I have guests, but normally I like to chuck something in the oven and eat – lazy I know!  But what I do like is jam making, maybe stemming from my year in Switzerland where we made many lovely varieties.  These were eaten with Zupfe sweet bread on a Sunday morning with hot chocolate – amazing!  Since we’ve been here I’ve been experimenting and as marmalade here is only a sweet jam rather than the sharp English stuff, I’ve created my own recipe, but maybe someone else does this too. Equal quantities fruit and sugar. Jam in German and French is marmalade, which causes some confusion, so how did we get to Jam in English?


3 kilos oranges

2 kilos sugar

500g 3:1 gelling sugar or another kilo ordinary

Water enough to cover the fruit

Wash fruit and put entire in saucepan, cover with water and cook on a low heat until soft – anything between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.

Remove fruit and leave to cool a bit.  Leave water reducing on heat.  When fruit cool, chop,removing pips, then put in blender with a little of the water and reduce to a pulp.  When all done, return to pan with sugar and reduce further – till water about half original level – or just chuck half water away before hand but you lose flavour.  Bring to boil, and hard boil until set.  Sometimes it does take a while, but I don’t worry as I prefer a softer set.  The finished product to some eyes may look grainy but I think this just improves it!