So where's the snow?

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Spring rains

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After a really warm Sunday with Arabian dust in the air, we woke up to swollen rivers and gloomy skies. The Thomatal was nearly up to the top of the new defences they put in last year, can see it going over the top,someone has underestimated, especially as the channel is narrower. The Mur is at the highest for several years and I guess the snow melt has increased the flow, and there’s so much to melt. It makes me so aware that our house is three quarters surrounded by water!  Most of all is the noise, the rivers rushing and roaring. All this morning while I was doing the housework I had the windows open to hear the music of the rivers. Wonderful I feel so blessed!

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This Spring#1

This time last year, we had six inches of heavy snow and it ruined a lot of the soft fruit crops. I’m hoping this year we’ve avoided it.Its not unusual but a nuisance! Last week was strange though. There was about 2o cm of snow north of the Tauern mountains, and it didn’t get over them to us as often happens when the weather is coming from the North.

But we had snow showers coming on the wind, and boy was it windy. It got up to about 60km in bursts and the trees roared. And this happened for nearly ten days. No one can remember such wind, Now at last as I write, we have rain here, much needed and there was some snow down to about 1000 meters. I hope it’ll stay up there too!

But the sound of the wind in the deciduous trees reminded me of the 1970s when we had a spell of storms that took trees down and caused powercuts. That roar in the night in the branches was both exciting and scary. Took me right back to being 13 again!

Ok, I spoke to soon, on April 28th, it all happened again, third year running, just glad it was only the cherries that were coming into blossom, not all the other fruit! And as I write, its already starting to melt!