So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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A morning’s walk


We are having a hot, dry spell at the moment, so I’m walking Swingle as early as possible. She doesn’t like the heat, and is happiest walking near the Mur where she can have a dip to cool down – or running illegally in the hayfields is also good for a refreshing soaking!

Today I took my life in my hands walking at Einach, not only is this the bike path but through hayfields and I guessed rightly every farmer and his friend would be cutting hay. The hay here must taste so good to the cows, with so many different flowers mixed with the grass!  There was a few clouds and  a shady bit though the woods but by the time we turned back, we could feel the heat rising.


There was the warming scent of the drying hay and a sensation that spring is drawing to its close. Now the rampant scents of the lilacs and cow parlsely are abating, I could almost smell the roses, although they’re not in bloom. A transition from the rampant joy of spring to the ripening full blownness of summer.


The mountain huts are starting to open , the last of the snow is melting rapidly, and soon we can go to the Alm walks and do spring all over again as they’re a good month behind us valley huggers, wonderful!

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A cold May

IMG_1495 (2)

Just shows how you shouldn’t take any notice of Catholic folklore about ice saints and think you’re safe with the weather just because their days are past!  We’ve had torrential  rain and new snow on the tops, with a cold Atlantic front that brought cool cloudy, showery weather, but I loved that because I can walk the dog without coat and jumper and at the same time love all the wildflowers that are blooming.

IMG_1512 (2)

Today the weather has gone warm and sunny but windy and every tractor in the Lungau is being hauled out to cut the fields  for hay and silage. Swingle and I had a trot along the Mur this morning  near St Margarethan. Being very good at staying on the lead and picking up stuff, as there were farmers everywhere, that was until she saw two ducks fly away and did such a lurch the lead broke!

IMG_1515 (2)

All the garden is a bit late this year, this is the first time my peonies haven’t flowered before Pfingsten (Pentecost) and we’re late putting plants in the veggie plot. Still, they’ll all catch up by autumn!  

IMG_1516 (2)

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The downside of Spring!


The result of keeping cows in the barn in winter, windows closed until it rains!!!!!!

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Spring Bounces On


Apparently a lot of the bad weather earlier last week was due to Hurricane Niklaus, and we got off lightly due to the protection of the mountains at Obertauern.


Early evening on Maunday Thursday, just as we thought the rain was easing off a sudden storm came hurtling up the valley and it snowed like it hasn’t done all winter. We woke up to about six inches, much to a certain puppy’s delight! The skies cleared and it began to thaw in the warmish sunshine, we even went for a walk along the river.


Slightly wonky Easter fire at Tamsweg. I wonder if they will be able to light them?

Then blow me down, if it didn’t begin snowing again on Easter Saturday, but just rainy sleet  all day. Easter Sunday was cold with snow showers, and we walked in the woods in deep snow, of course for Swingle’s playtime. Monday it did the same, snowed over on to Tuesday BUT they say this is the last, it may get to +20 by the end of the week- I’m trying not to get too excited!


Oh, at last!


Spring’s arrived in Madling. I can only heave a deep sigh of relief. It’s been an odd, snow poor winter, with illnesses, depression and the only highlight has been Christmas in the UK….oh and you know who arriving!!!!

Life with puppy means that I get to hear the dawn chorus as I let her out. As I walk along the lane, I’m spotting all the new growth and life. The Lungwort, one of my favourite flowers is on its way.


In the last week, I’ve heard the thrush beginning to sing- there was one singing all spring in our garden last year, I hope it’s back. The swallows have arrived  at the brick factory. The dippers are shouting along the river edge. Paggy’s Bullfinches are visiting the table. Chaffinches are singing continually and the Great tits following me as we walk along the lane. I even saw some fieldfares this morning- a group was here last winter feasting on the huge crop of mountain ash berries and stayed for this poorer winter.

IMG_1015 (2)

The first wild crocuses appeared overnight along the lane. Butterflies are feasting on the violets on the south side of the flat The cow parsley is green and vibrant and of course the nettles are coming through.


The Pussy willows are opening their buds, ready to be cut for Easter. This Sunday is Palm Sunday where small bundles of them and colourful bits and pieces  are tied to sticks and blessed in Church, paraded around and then often planted in the garden.


Oh, and soon the snow will be gone, the meadow outside our window will be heavenly scented.

At last.

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Sunday Stills: Wildflowers


We’ve just had another cold spell, but nothing holds the Dandelions back in the Lungau, I think it’s going to be a great year for them and the light is so sharp at the moment!

P1260430 (2)