So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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At Last!

For the past few days, the warm air has arrived and it’s changed everything.

It’s now a pleasure to walk the dog in the early morning.

The birdsong seems louder, and I’m trying to identify all the different tunes.

There is scent in the air of different flowers and freshly opened leaves.

It does the soul good after such a hard winter!

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A coooold spring!

Anyone else still having a hyperactive April with an added arctic blast?



Season neeearly over!

Spring is finally emerging its head in Lungau, the snow is melting, although it keeps on trying to sneak back. I rejoice in the sound of rain flowing down our metal drainpipes!

Our heavy season with the holiday lets is reaching an end…and what a season: The exploding sauna was the highlight, although no one was in it!

Under sink water heater leaking just before new guests arrive.The laundry losing one particular set of pillowcases -maybe someone liked that pattern.

Guests trying to get into the flats earlier and earlier, one lot turning up at 5.30 am.

Heavy duty snow shovelling

Cleaning three houses on one day, 21 beds, 3 kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms and halls, 4 bathrooms, 4 loos!

But we haven’t argued so much, we had the odd weekend off, and now its SPRING!

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Spring Flowers

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Can’t name them all, but I think I like them better without labels!¬† FB click on the link for the show,

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Ash buds

Trying to find things a bit different to photo this spring as I keep taking the same things!


At last!

Its been a hard, snowy winter, the snow came early and is still thick on the tops. Happy skiers! We’ve had a busy time with the holiday houses having record bookings. Wonderful visits from family. This is our first free weekend since Christmas! Dave has just started back at Burg Fibstergr√ľn. I had one blissfull morning this week starting editing my book, with more time to come. I’ve got one English course going at the moment, and another part time after Easter. But it looks like the government has cancelled my main course in the autumn, which means a huge loss of income, but I’m not worrying yet. I’m now running the library, loving it.

But most of all, the snow is melting, in six weeks time the valley will be green and yellow. Spring. My soul rejoices.