So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


At last!

Its been a hard, snowy winter, the snow came early and is still thick on the tops. Happy skiers! We’ve had a busy time with the holiday houses having record bookings. Wonderful visits from family. This is our first free weekend since Christmas! Dave has just started back at Burg Fibstergrün. I had one blissfull morning this week starting editing my book, with more time to come. I’ve got one English course going at the moment, and another part time after Easter. But it looks like the government has cancelled my main course in the autumn, which means a huge loss of income, but I’m not worrying yet. I’m now running the library, loving it.

But most of all, the snow is melting, in six weeks time the valley will be green and yellow. Spring. My soul rejoices.

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Such a windy dry spring!

Spring here is always at a breakneck speed as the Lungau catches up with the rest of Austria! This year, before Easter we had strong winds laden with snow that didn’t lay, and it’s still windy now. We had the late snow which didn’t hang about, thank heavens and I think only the cherries might have got frosted. Certainly the apple blossom is stunning, today the petals were being blown about by the aforesaid wind.

The weather direction has been from the North and indeed, north of the Tauern mountains and Obertauern, there’s been plenty of rain, but like the snow its got stuck there and we’ve had token rain, but everything is so dry, I get shocks off everything! The grass is well behind what it should be, but nothing stops the Dandelions!

I’ve seen a few mutant dandelions again this year. Dave reckons its snow damage. This beauty will have four heads when it flowers!

Now its flowered!

And then,and I’m not sure what these trees are, lots of them are carrying normal leaves on one side and the others are laden with seeds like in this picture. I’ll find one if full leaf soon and know!

All signs of unusual weather, or a reaction to the cold, windy winter? What do you think?

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P1310856There’s so many crocuses along the lane this year, I think its going to be a good one. Mr B has been telling me the local names for flowers and they are ‘Käseblumerl’. We were looking at this fence that had come down in the rain, it was rotten, his comment, ‘Schlaganfall’ !(Stroke)




DSCN3457 (2)

For the past week or so, the snow has started to melt and we’ve had rain.


Thomatalerbach further upstream by the old mill

The Mur and the Thomatalerbach are now full of action and up to a more normal level after the very dry autumn.

DSCN3457 (2)

When I first saw the line last Friday, I thought there was a problem, but Lizzie says its normal!


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Spring is springing

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On Sunday, Dave and I took a walk above Ramingstein. The weather was gloriously warm, Swingle belted around the place – well until she rolled in something! But she had a great time and forced herself to sleep all afternoon when we got back! The clear skies and light were amazing. Today it’s clouded over and the white stuff is threatened until Easter -yuk! But at least it wont stay.

I have fiddled with the pictures, not always successfully! Burg Finstergrün is in several shots, and there’s a picture above looking down on Ramingstein with Karneralm, in the background. The Cross I think is on the site of the original church which burnt down.

How’s spring coming on with you????

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Spring tries to beat the snow!


March 10th

We’ve just had over a week of nightly snowfall and daily melting. At least the skiers are happy! But spring is on it’s way. As we’ve been walking the dog, we’ve noticed just how laden the hazel trees are with catkins and the willows are going yellow- all of this showing through the snow.

The birds are arriving too, in the last week the Chaffinches are singing, along with the first SongThrush, and this morning, I saw the Robin has returned the bird table.

We walked alongside the Mur today and could see patches of green and a first few yellow flowers, and surprisingly, maybe because the river is so low, a smell of ozone- making me think of walking by the sea. Wonderful!

Maybe we will actually have a green Easter despite the green Christmas!