So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Fake Spring

After a couple of warmish weeks, winter suddenly returned. On Sunday we had another 10cm.

Now it’s coming on the wind, tearing down the valleys and disappearing. I feel sorry for the birds who had been so full of joy.

Hopefully it will blow away in the next few days. Some of my author friends in the US have had the same, but more so.

I just hope it means it will finish and there will be no late, sudden surprises that nip the buds off the fruit trees and bushes!

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Locked down

Like the rest of Europe, we’re on isolation.  Not that it makes huge difference to us, as we live in a rural area. Only travel for essential food or work – not that many shops are open. Can exercise with family members, a metre away from other people. And we seem to be behaving ourselves in Lungau, only 4 cases.

Around me, the swallows, black restarts, yellow wagtails, chiffchaffs have all arrived. The first crocuses are coming out, and the violets under our sitting room window are out. I can only see this with joy and a relief that next year, at this time, I will be rejoicing in cherry blossom. We have someone interested in the flat, but none of us are in a rush.

The lock down is the most utter relief to me. This winter ran me mentally and physically into the ground. I’ve already dropped some of these jobs that have had me constantly on the go. Then, within three hours of the children leaving after my 60th birthday, I came down with flu. Old fashioned, grippy, headachy, shivery, nasty flu. A direct result of overdoing it.

With the library shut, holiday houses closed, and two weeks sick leave, I am blissfully, utterly at home recovering. I don’t need to be anywhere else. I’m keeping away from people and at last, getting on with my fifth book.

I for one am happy to be locked down!

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At Last!

For the past few days, the warm air has arrived and it’s changed everything.

It’s now a pleasure to walk the dog in the early morning.

The birdsong seems louder, and I’m trying to identify all the different tunes.

There is scent in the air of different flowers and freshly opened leaves.

It does the soul good after such a hard winter!

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A coooold spring!

Anyone else still having a hyperactive April with an added arctic blast?



Season neeearly over!

Spring is finally emerging its head in Lungau, the snow is melting, although it keeps on trying to sneak back. I rejoice in the sound of rain flowing down our metal drainpipes!

Our heavy season with the holiday lets is reaching an end…and what a season: The exploding sauna was the highlight, although no one was in it!

Under sink water heater leaking just before new guests arrive.The laundry losing one particular set of pillowcases -maybe someone liked that pattern.

Guests trying to get into the flats earlier and earlier, one lot turning up at 5.30 am.

Heavy duty snow shovelling

Cleaning three houses on one day, 21 beds, 3 kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms and halls, 4 bathrooms, 4 loos!

But we haven’t argued so much, we had the odd weekend off, and now its SPRING!