So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Bird Famine


Not only has the local bird population been decimated by a certain puppy picking off the Greenfinches, all this winter there’s been very few birds in the garden. The Bullfinches never came back, and there’s only a few tits, Great, blue and crested, and the field sparrows. I think the mice ate more sunflower seeds in the autumn. And the cause? Well maybe the warm winter, but more likely, all the trees that were around Paggy’s back garden have been felled, destroying the habitat. I don’t suppose the birds will come back with no motorway from his pace to mine. Such a shame. But as I write, the birds are starting to sing, maybe we’ll have some new ones in spring!

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How to Scare Sparrows – Part two!



Scared the wits out of the little gang of sparrows that sit in the bush! The  hawk flew into it trying to grab one, and they froze. It then tried to lure them into false security but sitting on the bird table. Second attempt he dived in the bush and one flew out so it took off in pursuit.  Sparrows were back in half an hour stuffing their beaks again!!!!


Travel theme: Clean

Spring – a time to get things clean!

P1250864 (2)

Last year the sparrows made holes in the flowerbed, making their spring cleaning dust baths. I expect they have all sorts of mites and bugs in their feathers!

P1250866 (2)


Can you see them? Oh and here’s a rarer sort of duck cleaning the chimneys!!!!!!!!!


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Them Ducks!


It’s the middle of November and the birds are returning t0 the garden. We’ve had a couple of light falls of snow that have melted.There’s been a pair of Jays at the table for several weeks, extremely shy. I saw the Nutcrackers yesterday too, one with a noisy Juvenile, shouting in one of the trees. The Tits have been around to. But mostly the sparrows have arrived. And what a summer they must have had. From a small group, I think there must be about 30 in the noisy, ever arguing family. Heavens knows what it will cost to feed the gang this winter!


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How to scare sparrows………..

P1220190We decided to put a new bird table in the garden as the old was worse for wear, so Dave built a mega job.  In hindsight it was the wrong time of year, should have done it in the summer when the birds were off on their holidays. So once it was installed I sat to see what the birds would do.  A crested wren was the first and the Nutcracker jammed three hazelnuts down it’s throat and flew off with one in the beak.  Sparrows?  Disappeared for a day, then came back and sat the in bush, with a poor old us look on their faces then took to feeding from the ground.  Three days later they returned to their old side table, but still wont go near the  new one -twits!


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Those Sparrows

They saw that I’d been busy, weeding and topping at the soil on my flower bed.They know also that the supply of seeds has run out and all I have is Sunflower seeds and peanuts, which they struggle with.  So what do they do, they chose a nice afternoon and spend it making earth baths in the soil, they’ll be expecting me to do it every year now!