So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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We’re just waiting for a real Siberian blast of cold air, after the snowiest winter(so far) for over a decade.

Walking up the lane this morning, I was looking at all the footprints. One of the farmers has been clearing it, so maybe we’re all using it more. I could see where people stopped for a chat, the first snow angel,

Mr B’s sticks, deer slots, paw prints(!), all the different boots!

And our home mountain, Huhnleitknock looked good too!


Lungau snow

After our recent very heavy falls of snow, I was chatting to a neighbour and casually said,’I suppose this is how it used to be when Lungau was the Siberia of Austria?’ ‘No’ he said,’there was much more then.’ Staggered, I went home, shut the door, put the kettle on and realised,no wonder the older generation here is so totally twitched about snow clearing…….and was so grateful for Christian and his snow blower!

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Freezing temperatures and Voting time!


The weather here is cold, and we’ve had -30 predicted for Lungau on Sunday – though I think it Lungauerist, even if the area is known as the Siberia of Austria.  And for those who say its too cold to snow, its -8 and snowing, which wasn’t forecast!

Now for some shameless begging for votes!  When they were electing the Mayor here, we had gifts of pens, lighters, honey and even a free breakfast, can’t do that except if you like the blog, please vote on and tell your friends!  I’ve tried to install a button below, but I think I’ve messed it up.Maybe better to follow the below link and click on the name, So where’s the snow?’ and then Vote at the bottom!

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