So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


So much new!

Since the publication of Challenger, things have been really exciting!
It’s now on an Amazon ad with BooksGoSocial, and Mirna Gilman did the brilliant cover for me.
I’ve been involved with Mom’s Favorite Reads, and emagazine. This is the future for authors to get noticed. Like the BGS International review, this is available only in the ether as it is. There is a dedicated team of authors who seek to make a business and a success out of publishing and a larger group of other writers. The aim is to make an outstanding magazine and promote our work. The magazine in all it’s editions is number One on Amazon. I was thrilled to be featured as the author profile in the February edition, here’s a section, the rest is on my Amazon page. I’m now starting a group on Goodreads for Mom’s which is another challenge-pun  intended.
All my books and short stories are featured in the spring catalogue too on page 15!
I’ve made contact with three great horse book writers, Amanda Wills, Christine Meunier and Natalie Kelly Reinert,, all of who will be guest blogging on here soon. We are discussing starting a store front for horse books, as there still is no category for adult horse fiction on Amazon.
I’ve made contact with an old work colleague and we’re going to do some collaboration together, she writes from the practical side of Equine assisted therapy.
Compromise, the follow-up to Challenger is with an editor and the beta readers, I might get to publish by Easter, but I have a chance to submit early to a new publisher in the UK.
Tom, my first book has been submitted to Channillo to be a series.
Chances, the follow-up to Compromise has 2,000 words already and seems to have a mind of it’s own, not going where expected at all!
I’ve just landed a new part-time job which will fund me and I’ll be able to write this summer, if I can ever catch up with all this marketing.
There certainly hasn’t been any time to get bored this winter!

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So many books these days are set in fictional parts of the world, peopled with characters and towns that are all fruits of the author’s imagination. My favourite author is Elizabeth Goudge, who sadly is long gone, but many of her houses and settings were real with just a touch of poetical licence. I had great fun tracking down a lot of them when I lived in Hampshire and when we visited Devon.

So what have I done in my books? The Baize door is one of a planned trilogy, all set around the mythical village of Hazeley. Where this name comes from, I have no idea! But Hazeley Manor exists, in a former capital of England. It’s just been transposed into a country setting rather than a street.  Maybe someone might recognise it from the photo, do let me know! It’s the house I was born in and lived in until I was eleven.

Then right at the end of the book, Joanna and Ray have a real heart to heart, sitting on the sand at Thorn’s Beach. In the next book, Compromise, Mollie and Chris have a revelatory chat there too. Yes, that exists too, lived there as well. The picture is with our dog, Jaffa from a long time ago. Anyone know this beach?


All Change!

As those of you know who follow this blog, I’ve had a pretty frantic summer, but at last things are resolved!  I’ve been blessed with extra teaching work, so we’ve now dropped our time consuming flat in St Michael, and are giving up Meals on Wheels in December. No more endless time in the car, just the bigger houses. It does mean teaching evenings, but at least I won’t have to get up too early the next morning!!

I’ve long wanted to concentrate on my novel writing, and now I’m going to do so. I’ll give it a year, and if I don’t make some sales to augment my income I will think again! I can’t retire yet, I still have to work 7.5 years more!!!!!!

So, Dear Reader!  I will still be posting here about life in Austria, but you’ll also get re-posts from my new blog, Anna’s Books also on WordPress. All good stuff for marketing, but I’ll try not to overdo it and annoy you!  I’ve signed up with a marketing company called BooksGoSocial who have given me so much help, and are doing a cover for the new book.

So Swingle and I are enjoying the start of this autumn which is starting with mists and mellow fruitfulness. She’s eating as many mice as she can catch in the hedgerows and I’m looking forward to bottling this year’s vintage in a few weeks!

Oh, I can’t resist it, if anyone wants a read of the new book, I’ll send it for free, in exchange for an Amazon review!!!


Blog Holiday!

Dear readers, you may have noticed my lack of posts since Christmas. It’s just sheer lack of time and life butting in. Having worked so hard on this blog, I’m never going to let it go. B UT! I’ve been blessed for the first time in 15 years since I wrote Tom, with the plot of a new book, and write I must! The summer season with the holiday houses is looming, more library training along with two short English courses, time is of a premium.

In fact, I’ve only had time today because we’ve had the first real rain of the year so no gardening and I’m in the kitchen with the fire lit, sitting writing with Dave out the house at work! I have written a full on Christian set of posts for Holy week, but after that it’ll be intermittent ones until the autumn. Then the first draft and correction of the book will be done- I’ll be looking for  people to read and correct for me too. Then I hope to then publish in the New Year.

So readers, please do not unfollow me, I will be back!