So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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A September walk to Rosinensee, Schönfeld


My thanks to Ben Koeller who was with us on the walk, some very special shots he took too!

Fb see the slideshow below!

We headed up to Rosinental, with the sounds of marmots piping all around us, some crows seemed to have set them off. Then we heard one nearby and were treated to the sight of two sentries watching us. I expect it was because we were downwind on a quite windy day, but they seemed  not really alarmed and we got some great piccies.

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We wound up the hill scrabbling over rocks and the path had been repainted since we last came up here and was much better. I had Swingle on the lead and was having kittens that she would lurch just as I put my foot down and I’d go flying. I couldn’t use the sticks because of this too, but I found it not so difficult. We had to keep her on the lead as there were probably still stock on the hills. Once we got to the top, we found the open bowl with the silting up lake. And the silence. There was nothing to hear except the faint voices of the people walking the ridge up above us. Wonderful!

There were no animals, though plenty of evidence of them, so Swingle ran free and posed and wouldn’t pose for piccies! Then we made our way down, Swingle off the lead still having ball, hunting for marmites, which she thought were mobile cuddly toys, but never getting anywhere near. Nearing the bottom w e were surprised with another shot of a marmot under a tree.

I was surprised too that I was getting down without sticks and not panicking. Maybe they’re more trouble than use?  We got down into the valley and had a meal at the Joseph Merl hut – Swingle being amused by the free range chickens all around the terrace. Back to the cars, what a mega day! We pootled back home with Swingle trying to keep her eyes open!

By the next week, these hills were covered with the first snow of the winter! Bet the marmots heaved a sigh of relief!