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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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God’s Kingdom duo by Ken Milbourn


Sorry  but this is a proper book, not an eBook but its on Amazon.

For those who stumble around in the book of Revelation and maybe also Daniel, this book is a must!  Ken takes the premise that book of Daniel is the prelude for Jesus’s coming and the building of God‘s kingdom on earth and Revelation in a way the fulfillment.

He takes each chapter and in a thorough, commonsense  manner, which is both scholarly and readable, and then unpicks the key issues , symbolism  and explains them.  He has gone into so many sources to both back up and disagree with his thesis that the book couldn’t be better researched.   He takes them in the context of when they were written (as far as we’re able to tel) and to whom, and what it meant for both the readers at that time and for us today, which is for me the key point of this book, getting things into perspective.

I have no time for all this end time hysteria that’s in the Christian world today.  each day, I’m ready (well I like to think so), there’s no doubt somethings up, and it all could be in our lifetimes.  But if it doesn’t – why waste all this time speculating and losing our way with Christ, while we are here, we are building our relationship with him and bringing others to him, his kingdom on earth. Ken’s book puts all the current nonsense into a balanced light,  a must for all who’ve ever wondered what the books are all about, whether scholar or an interested Christian!



Another EAGALA training pic

One of the fundamental things about moving here was a strong belief that God had his hand on this and wants us here. It showed in how quickly the house was sold when we found this place, having a strongly Christian neighbour, meeting a Christian Estate agent and so on and so forth.  Yet when we arrived, so proud of being here for God and what does he want us to do, only to find it was nothing.  I needed these five years to read the Bible and get to know God and be made useable – hence Erna and the Burg.  I’m not there by any means, but I’ve moved on.

So when I joined a new Bible group in Tamsweg it was with a sense of at last, here we go, out of the desert.  The group is young and we need to take off the gravecloths of the old (John 11, v44) in the looking back of the failings of the older established churches and move on.  I’m also on the PCC, and that has been an eye opener, and from that, I’m beginning to see the possibility of my work here and a way out of the darkness.

My dilemma is this, should I fully blog these experiences and risk offending, pass on stuff others would wish remain private  or chronicle the start of something new and wonderful in Lungau in a general way which might miss the finer detail?

What would you do?

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New Job

At the end of my first week, I feel a mixture of happiness and doubt over the work. This week hasn’t clocked up the expected hours, but I will not wobble, I’m still being a rock not a wave.  He gave me this work, and he will sort this out!  The thought of it not working out doesn;t bear thinking about.

I cleaned one office, nothing really to say.  The first house has the most wonderful outlook, a dog and cats and the lady has a baby due in a couple of months.  Turns out her son is going to work at the Burg this summer – Lungau is a small world.  I told her my tale of coming here and it was pleasant to clean a clean house, compared to the run down dirt of the Burg.

My second house has a similar view, and is new and beautiful and is a joy to clean.  There is a teenage daughter whose room took me straight back to my own daughter’s when she was a teenager, though not quite a bad.  Loads of ironing, I hope it’s up to standard!  I jumped out of my skin when I switched the contraption on – it’s one of those boards with a reservoir and huge table – it inflated with air, which once I’d got over the shock did make it easier!  Friendly people, when I see them and that’s good. I daresay it all may be a bit lonely, but I’ll load up my MP3 with Mr Wommack and music!  I also get some responsibility as I get paid  when I take cleaning stuff home to wash and buy things. I just want to fill the hours I was given, next week will be better!  Maybe I can do some gardening.  There’s a summer job doing the garden at St Martin which would just bump me up enough to earn my share.  STOP WOBBLING!

Paggy is still in hospital as I write, getting better, joking and being cheeky.  I found out too that I’ve been a little anemic, so am on those black pills and I’m feeling better, no, not just because it’s spring.  I’ve got higher thyroid medication too but I’m waiting to start that as my body gets over the iron shock.

Life is good, and its down to one person operating in my life, thanks Jesus!

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Another new job day

Dining hall in Burg

I’m due for my first shift on the new job tomorrow, going in on a late afternoon to do an office, I think this is just due to the leaving of the last cleaner and usually I’ll be able to do them on a Friday afternoon.

The job centre sent me the details of a place for a Riding Instructor at a stables nearby and for the summer, English needed – very good wages too.  Too late, but oh,what a temptation!  To be back with the horses – although they’re mostly Norrikers.  But the hours are 40 plus a week, six days a week, I would never have the time to do the therapy work or have the life I’ve so longed to lead in the summer.  God answered my prayer so specifically, now that little voice says why didn’t you ask for a part time job with horses?????  Ungrateful brat!

I’ve been seeing signs of activity at the Burg from the kitchen window  and its haunting me, I keep seeing the rooms and wishing I was there – I was even thinking, how will they find stuff we left in cupboards?  How easily I forget the stress of last year. Maybe its just because I’m at home and not much else to think of, once I have this work place filled in my head!

So yet another new start, I’m so tired of these.  This time, there will be no new staff to meet, just the Boss. Will she change from charm to a dragon, like Lois does once I’m her employee?  I imagine she will have high standards. How will I cope with so little hours?  I’m sure God has stuff in mund, and there’s never been a job yet that didn’t need more than asked.  And being me, I’ll be immediately thinking how to improve the job, and making myself more than a cleaner.  I’m always the same, when I went to the Burg and there was chance of  the guided tours, that really appealed to my sense of self-importance.  Still I feel God has given me these folks to love, and that I’ll do.

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Still Waiting on God and the Job!

Feeling Christmassy in February!

As I write, I’m waiting to hear if I have a new job, but as it’s already 15.30 I guess it’s the negative! After my last gloomy blog, I got on with all the stuff and kept tight to my faith!

 I’d heard of a job that might suit, part-time cleaning, Monday to Friday, and 15 hours – though when she rang back she said it was 10 which was too few for me but she said she’d ring back if for me to go and have a chat.  When I didn’t hear the next day I guessed it was no.  Then suddenly Thursday I had a call asking me to go for interview on Friday.  The biggest surprise was that shortly after, Margit who I’ve been Langlaufing with (Hi Margit!), rang to say that this Boss lady – who Margit knows,  had rung her asking if she knew a local lady, if she was ok for the job.  Well she didn’t, but she did know me (she helped me write the application), so put in a word for me!

If that isn’t a God – incidence, nothing is!

So the interview I thought went ok, they even gave me a specimen wages slip, and I saw one office they want cleaning is shut on Fridays so that makes one easy to clean. I was so excited, but managed to keep calm all weekend – after all its well and truly in his hands.  So as I write, as that little knot of despair tries to creep in, I will not be a wave, I am not doubting, it doesn’t matter. Through this I’ve learnt the power of words prayed out loud and not doubting, if this isn’t the job, he’s showed me his hand is in moving people and changing things, and so I will hold on till the next one turns up!

We recently discovered David Aldous on Revelation tv – this guy’s preaching is mega!  He talked yesterday about how he had a really brilliant interview for a film.  At the same time, he was told by God to sort out a relationship which he did.  He was prasing God and felt  that this yes would be a mega film for him – but he didn’t get the part and it didnt matter because God had other plans for him.It’s  that peace of mind  and doing the small things I claim now!

16.30; Phonecall, I start on March 19th…….YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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Waiting on God and people and life and………………

Time to let go of all this?

As I’ve blithered on before, I’ve been praying and waiting on God to sort out my work situation.  As in James 1, v 5-8, I will not be a wave tossed by the sea in my disbelief, but boy, is this becoming a struggle.  Desperation keeps on creeping in and I have to fight and tussle with it.  Things are changing, people doing things and my job will arrive, God has answered it just needs people to do their stuff!   It’s also about patience too.  I’m only giving it a voice now so that  maybe someone else may benefit in some way from reading this!  It seems I’m not alone if you look at the related articles at the foot of this blog.

Last night I had my day planned out, some finishing touches on my book for Kindle, some emails, ironing for the holiday flat and as its a day at home, a good work out on the cross trainer! How quickly has the day of peace I had on Tuesday because I was tired turn into feeling like a caged bear!  Yet this morning  I’ve even managed to read my Bible and pray before I did anything , which is an achievement as I usually breakfast and haul logs first.  ( Has anyone else ever been so completely blown away by John 1 v1-5 that they’ve just ground to a halt in amazement?).  Then desperation kicked in, its like a plague and I will not have it.  I’ll do any part time job, but there just isn’t anything here at the moment. If it wasnt for the horse work possibility, I’d be looking for full-time – maybe it is time for it to stop this. Or is it that my most important work for God is with the PCC and what I do otherwise doesn’t matter?  I can’t really afford to do the EAGALA training I’m due to do at the end of the month.  Yet it was just like this last year, February maybe is a dead month work wise. There is the spectre of having to going back to the Burg too…………

Oh blah blah blah blah, I’m going to go and hit the Crosstrainer  and release some endorphins and maybe listen to Andrew Wommack too!