So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Swingle swings along



We’ve now had the monster for nine weeks and it seems like forever!  We thinks she’s bigger, and her feet seem to match her body more!  We had to put ANOTHER fence around the veggie plot to stop her digging craters, but I expect it’ll come down next year.


She’s had a lot of digestive problems, maybe I fed her too much at the wrong time, but she seems to react to anything that isn’t her ‘Hundflocken’, a mixture of cereals, meat and vegetables and a little tinned food, with the runs. It has helped that I now feed her in the morning. Some of her trouble was that she wouldn’t ask to go out at night, or I slept through it(!) and the sight of newspaper on the floor made her feel she had already done wrong. I don’t know, but she now is allowed in the bedroom.


She sometimes comes with us, sometimes she launches herself between us in the dark hours, I’m beginning to sleep though it. She seems more contented.

She has discovered her swimming genes and seems to have a dunk everyday, even in cold melt water. I get terrified that she will be washed away(and she nearly was once) but she swims to the bank.


Car training progresses, she actually opted to sit in the car the other day because she didn’t like the lawn mower!  We’ve done half hour journeys and no icking, so there’s hope to get her to England yet! We bought a dog guard for the back seats to stop her being jet propelled if we stop suddenly, it worked  when we stopped as she fell down the gap behind the seats!


While its ok for short journeys  and when she’s sat down, it needs to be higher for when we stop. The net we looked at needed bolting on and that wasn’t practical, so we’re going to raise the guard.


She can be manic in the mornings, she will happily swipe clothes from the bedroom and run away, we thought she would have a lot fun on a nudist beach!!  She can mouth gently, but does sometimes need to be told not to bite and nip!

After her destroying the bought toy (see photo challenge) , I got a couple at a flea market and the bunny has lasted three days despite comprehensive disemboweling – but it was a bit disconcerting when I was clearing her garden mess and there was an eye in it- note to self to remove them as well as whiskers before hand!


Puppy school is getting better as she is more used to the muzzle and she loves playing with the other dogs, it’s the owner who is struggling with the German commands!


She’s settling but still being a pup, our next goal  is to find a way to stop her barking at all and sundry!

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Swingle swings on!


Pretending to be an ornament

Since our daughter went home, Swingle has been asserting herself in naughtiness and  happiness, I can’t believe its still only three weeks. She’s done two mountain huts and had lunch there. Been sick in the car several times. Helped in the garden digging holes in the right and wrong place, eaten three pairs of my slippers, chewed through the cables of two lamps, made her self sick demolishing her first basket. Got us convinced she needs to be in the bedroom in the morning. Been with us on our first gardening job. Learnt how to get round us both and keep us in order, impoverished us in buying fixings for a fence to keep her safe in the garden. Dave has been struck with a lurgy so it is still not finished!


Her tummy has now settled with regular food and she’s nearly fine at night(!) She seems to be filling out, her ribs are not so prominent. We had peace until 6 a.m today, but that meant instead of settling for a bit longer after she had been out, it was playtime and trying to annoy us.



This was added to by her latest trick of belting up the lane- relatively car free but nevertheless, some. On Sunday she had discovered something disgusting in Christian’s garden and ran around me bolting it down before I could catch her- she knows I can’t run as fast as her, she’s quicksilver. So this morning she slipped through the fencing by the door and this time found a side of ribs that must have been laying around since barbeque time last summer. This time she blew it-running indoors with it and leaping on the sofa. I put it stright in the bin and gave her a treat. She’s been on the lead every time today, I’m gonna win that one.


What happens when there’s birthday cake around!!!

But you can see the mischievousness there and gaiety, I cant be cross for long! She walks beautifully on the lead, and had an absolute ball when she met Shira- both of them hurtling around the field and rolling in a patch of snow with grins on their faces. Swingle does grin- her lips curl back when she runs, bearing her teeth.


Puppy classes are booked for April, her booster jab next week and seeing about a certain little operation. We have duty with Meals on Wheels this week, so the short time we leave her is good training for the future, today she didn’t panic mess or destroy anything in revenge. Lulling us,  I think she may be forming a cunning plan….Today it rained and we went for a walk with Shira and her owner, much fun was had by all. I’m really looking forward to meeting more dog owners and walks in the mountains this summer.


So Where’s the Dog?


I promise to all my followers that I will only do a Swingle blog once a week (really) as they haven’t followed a dog blog, and I haven’t the energy to create a new one!!!!

I don’t think I’ve been so tired since I had my babies!  Broken sleep, house chewed at the edges, bottles of disinfectant used and piles of newspapers. Puppy hood.

I don’t think I’ve been so happy for a long time either, the wriggling, quicksilver, black shadow is changing our lives. She has no side to her, no nastiness, she is just pure happiness and naughtiness! Dave is happy cos I’m happy. We have something to talk about and he actually likes and cuddles Swingle. We’re building a new fence to keep her in. Spring is coming. We get the occasional night without her banging on the bedroom door-she has taken over every other room (well maybe not the bathroom)! She’s been chipped, vaccinated, wormed and in due course will have her op. She’s a joy on the lead, has visited her first mountain hut and eaten her first basket!  How could I ever go back to the rut where we were? Thanks Lord for dogs!


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Swingle comes home


Automatically on the sofa!


Poor Swingle had never been in a car before and we had to go and buy   a bed, food, toys etc. So we went to Tamsweg, nipped into the Pound shop and went home. She was starting to dribble and before I knew it had evacuated both ends, along with the smell of farm, it was a tad rife in the car!


So we got back and she came gingerly out the car- I had to lift the poor thing. Once indoors she explored in a confident manner, came to me for cuddles and generally ingratiated herself. The lead was a nightmare-she’d never seen even a collar before. It was a cold snowy day and she said in quite uncertain terms she didn’t want to go out in the cold.


She wolfed her first meal down as if it was going to run away. She even took to her basket. We wondered if after living, maybe in an outhouse on a farm she was just pleased to be in the warm and a place to herself!


She wasn’t too pleased when I bathed her either- to get the ick off her and the farm smell- which is still there after a second bath! At bedtime I took her outside where she just sat in the snow and looked, but eventually had a pee.

We wanted her to sleep in the kitchen but she started wimpering, we had put a barrier up between there and the sitting room, which she soon jumped over. Dave found her on the sofa, but we let her be, and to our surprise, we found she slept until 6 am the next  morning!


Swingle has arrived!!!!

IMG_0895Some of you may have read my post on the dream about a dog called Swingle. It sort of remained at the back of my mind,  but being at a low point, nothing seemed right. Then, last week  in a local supermarket we saw an advert for a litter of puppies, that were being given away. There was a photo and although little, the pup was a light browny colour. Dave actually told me to take the number! However I let it ride as I was in miserable mode and I didn’t really want a pup, and I didn’t feel Dave was serious.  However, he eventually said why don’t you ring up and at least find out about them, mostly in an attempt to cheer me up.

Then we found the number was incorrectly written, so I tried several combinations until at last I got an Answerphone and left a message.

At 7.30 the next morning, came a call from an old boy who was speaking in dialect, we went around in circles until we understood each other. Turned out it was a farmhouse on the hill above us, the son of the family was a friend of Paggy. I thought I had seen the Mum, a brindly dog who looked cowed-I suspected from being hit. However, we made a time and drove up the hill in the typically in the wrong direction . We were just stopped and looking around us when we heard a whistle and the old boy was hailing us from a farm below us.


There was a dark coloured pup with a long back bouncing around, friendly and cheerful.  A touch of brown in her shoulders, a white chin and one white heel. The last pup of the litter, he said she is four months old, but I’m not sure. I think she’s older but the vet will know.  I liked her confidence, I couldn’t refuse. We talked about food and where she had slept, and bundled the bewildered creature into the back of the car. Swingle, not the same colour or breed but spirit had arrived!