So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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The day after the big snow, I had to travel to Salzburg for a library conference. It was the most amazing day and I was glad to escape the snow and the powercuts. Usual Austrian efficiency had the main roads and motorway free of snow.

Once at the centre, we had discussions and seminars. In one room, I was sat near the window. Outside was a mature garden in what must have been the grounds of the house. It just caught the afternoon sun as it began to set, so I took a few photos. The colours were beautiful as they caught the autumn of the trees.

I sat and watched the light change-and enjoying the discussion. Then it was gone. Sadly, I turned back. Then after a while, the sun returned for a brief few minutes, like an extra blessing.

The whole day was like a reprieve from the snow and pressure of the weather at home and I rejoiced in it. Writing this now, I wonder if it was a foreshadowing of what was to come in the next few days; enjoy this and treasure this now.

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New Year Prophecy?

Thinking ahead..........

I thought it would be interesting (well for me) to write down what I hope and dream for this new coming year, and then see what has happened at the end!

That I’ll continue to learn from God, using the lessons he’s taught me this year. That I’ll improve my fitness and my German.

My deepest dream is that through the  Equine Asssited therapy work, I can reach people to bring them to a new place, and I’d like to witness to them too. Especially I have a heart to work with kids and ponies. That this work will generate enough income for me to live on so that this summer I can be enough at home to tend my garden properly, be able to go up into the mountains and so on.    Maybe the new job at the holiday chalets will help this too.

We have a new Bible group, where personalities and ideas are emerging; so for this group to grow spiritually, with a renewing of minds so we can find God‘s will for the Lungau and do it.  Likewise my position on the PCC at the church, my ideas for the holiday maker services, but also to renew the Church body so the Murau/Lungau gemeinde will grow.

That my husband will make a breakthrough in his German, stop sitting on the settee waiting for God to tell him what to do,  actually get off it and do something.  That he’ll stop fixating on winning the lottery to be able to do something, its creating unbelief for God’s works in our lives but he cant see it.

That there’ll be time and money to visit England maybe to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and Dave’s dad’s 80th.  That we’ll feel more connected with our kids.

And I want a pony and a dog!