So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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My Praise Place


As I was driving back from dog walking this afternoon, it suddenly struck me, that in the car, pootling around the Lungau, especially in beautiful weather with the window down, this is the biggest place where I praise God and glory in his creation. Maybe it’s because the body is physically occupied with driving and part of the brain with watching the road, and the rest, in this active quietness is set free to seek him and revel in his beauty around me. I’ve been very at peace lately, but worried I’ve been ignoring him, but he’s here and something is getting free, I’m tuning my face to him in thanks, that is my main focus with him at the moment.

Where is your praise place?

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An early morning……

Butterfly feasting on my violets

Today I woke up early, and didn’t want to sleep more, I haven’t felt like this for months.  I took my cup of coffee and went and sat on the bench at the back of the flat and although the ground was frosty, the morning air was warming.  In the distance were our little mountains, still bedecked with snow and the blue sky.  In the garden, the lichen on the trees seemed luminous.  On both sides of me the Mur and the Thomotalerbach were rushing down with snow melt.  In the distance occasional cars went along the road.  The sparrows were around somewhere but I could see individual bird flitting in and out of the garden, piping their songs.

I just sat and praised God, thanked him that I have the freedom to do this, that he loves me, he’s my friend. It was two-way thing, giving to and back to each other.   I am so blessed and so humbled by his love for me.

PS This turned into a special day, I felt so blessed and filled, and I wrote loads, and in the evening, I was able to be used by God to put some ideas into Bible group,WOW!