So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Weekly Photo Challenge; Beyond


Don’t you just want to follow the track into the beyond? One of my favourite places, Schoenfeld, just  over the border of the Lungau.


Weekly Photo Challenge; Green

I can so empathise with this. There’s no snow forecast for at least a week here in the Lungau, but it will come.  I always enjoy the last few weeks of green (and brown!). So here’s me celebration of all that’s green! My garden, cows up on the Alms, mountains, mountain flowers, the last sunflowers(ok not so green!) and apple blossom buds, ready for spring.


Weekly Travel Challenge; Solitary

Solitary but happy, pig in the sun in Weisspriach.


Weekly Photo Challenge; Urban

I’m cheating here!   This was my dream job at a stables called Urban -Hof, it being a surname in  German.  However, the yard was right by one of the Maut Peages or toll areas on the A10 motorway, so the yard while being totally pastoral was also urban, we had to ride under the motorway on our rides out. And maybe this is as urban as I want to be in Austria, have I used the word enough?????


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands


Most of our villages in the Lungau install a May pole, and the following week have a climbing competition.  Ok, the guy does have a safety rope, but there’s no mattress or any other security.  He climbs barefoot with this glue on his hands.  The poles maybe up to 100m high! 

This is my first attempt at the weekly photo challenge, I can’t find the Trackback address on the Daily Post page, so I just hope it works!