So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Create a Snowman………………..or

Snow angels!


Weekly Photo Challenge:Close

I wanna be close to you!

Cara, one of the Haflingers who was in my team at the riding school in Rennweg, Karnten.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

These two lads are regular riders at the St Georgiritt in Thomotal, I’ve photographed them since 2007. This year they had a horse each, so this is the best , the friendship between these two brothers must be good, you can’t fight on a horse!


Travel Theme: Rhythm

Living in a country other than your own in some ways makes it seem like you’re always on holiday!  The sounds and scents are always new and create  new  associations and meanings which in turn become part of your new framework of where you live.

It seems here in the Lungau, that if there’s a chance for a parade and music and of course a bit of beer and sausage after, the band is there!  Each village has its own Trachtenmusikappelle, which is a uniformed brass band.    Here’s the band from Ramingstein where we live at the Lungau Folk Festival last year. This sort of music has become the  rhythm to our life here.


Weekly Photo challenge: Summer

I’ve already done one challenge on summer in;

so now I’ve had to think a bit.  I’ve found five photos, to me iconic for our five summers in Austria


As we began to explore the Lungau, we made our first trip up Grosseck Speireck near Mauterndorf in a Gondola, and found horses at the top


My dream job, teaching riding at a Hotel with a riding school in St Michael.  Me, six Haflingers and loads of kids, I had a ball!


Before Lois’ s riding accident, and seven day a week working, a trip to Prangsten in Zederhaus, I think I’ve talked about it in another blog!


Working at Burg Finstergruen, I sneaked my camera in while on duty!!!


When Edith and I won the Tu Was award, we worked with Asylum seekers with Equine Assisted learning, despite the language barrier, we had fun!


Travel Theme: Summer

Looking down towards the Grangler Hut, Weisspriach, Lungau

This summer is going to be the best for several years, I’ve decided and that’s final! After all my time teaching riding and the summer when I worked seven days a week at Lois’s stables when he was hurt and then the last two at the Burg with all that associated stress, I’m going to be more at home.  As well as having weekends, I’ll have the Bank holidays. This means I will finally have the time to work on my garden, instead of filling it with flowers and then neglecting it.  I’ll have time to harvest my veggies and fruit and make jam. I might even have a go at some wine making if I can find the gear.  I’m putting a second picture in, wonder if that’s allowed?

June 2010

This also means I’ll have time to go walking in the mountains with Dave and friends. The Bergs are completely addictive, although I cuss and swear as I trudge up and have to take deep breaths, this year I’m fitter (but not thinner) and I cant wait to be up there in that clear air, beautiful views and the silence that wraps them. Of course it’ll also mean Kaisershmarrnn testing at the huts –there’s always one somewhere on a route.  And the camera will be with me, as I disappear for a shot, leaving Dave exasperated or talking to himself.  We just need the last of the snow to melt – which this year means some places will be inaccessible until July, never mind, I’ve got all summer!