So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Pet Show

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The annual pet show took place in Tamsweg recently and I trotted along. Well organised and happy animals. Made me almost want to have a Guinea pig again. It was interesting how the animals palled up. One Ginea pig seemed to be sleeping through the whole thing!


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Dog Sitting

I was both nervous and happy about having a dog in the house again after such a long time.  It wasn’t the best day as I had to work for two hours but I spoke to all the neighbours and apologised in advance if she barked.

So Shira arrived (pronounced Sheeeeera).  I think I’ve said she was found wandering at Shoenfeld by her new owner, and as there’s been no owner found seeking her, the idea is she was abandoned.  No Chip, but she had been ‘done’, about 5 years old due to her teeth.  If dogs could think, I expected her to be worried about being abandoned again to me! She was a bit cautious, but we went for a walk, she doesn’t pull -what a joy!  She’s not allowed off the lead due to her history for the moment, but she has one of those leg wrapping up extendable ones.  She met all the neighbours, flopping on her back and being cute. A dog with no side compared with my manic Ratty who disliked everyone on principle.

Shira was quiet while I was out, laid about when I was indoors .  I began to realise how we need to fence our garden if we have our own dog, its  was a real nuisance in this hot weather not to have the front door open.  We went to see Edith but she wasnt too good with the other dog as she was in the defensive mode on the lead.  I took her for another walk when we got back, she did her stuff and 20 yards down the lane collapsed on her back for a roll, not interested.

She just slept for the rest of the day, only coming into our sitting room for treats, maybe in her past life she wasn’t allowed into the main house.  I’m sure Shira isn’t her real name but she’s learning it.  Being a retriever she brough Eau der Hund into the house, but it was nice to have her presence.  She’s with us next Saturday and we hope to go up into the Bergs for a walk. I think there definately is a case for a more chilled sort of dog for me, but not a retriever – she’s already stiff in her hips and I prefer a short coat………..what breed I wonder?

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Barking at Winston by Barry Stone

You can click on the picture to see and buy!

Oooh good I thought,looking at a list on Kindle, let’s have an animal book for a change.  A nice doggy one. 

The story starts as Brucie, a collie cross is adopted from a Rescue centre by a crazy family,  and he happily goes off into his new life.  The dog has been abused himself and in his first days he finds out more about the bereaved family which consists of two sets of twins who fight and love.  I’m not so sure about seeing emotions as colours and dogs having second sight, but I was totally engrossed in the characters in the story, from whatever perspective they are written. It worked really well as a technique too – you’ll see what I mean when you read it. 

Then I thought, blast, it’s turning  into a gay book and prepared to ditch it, but no, it’s about love.  It certainly isn’t what the cover looks like. Its quite unique. Its sad and heartwarming, true and fantastical.  I wonder if my dog ever thought or felt these things? More please, Mr Stone

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Early birds

Not seen him this winter either

I’m writing on March 25th, although this blog will go out later. I can’t believe it, and we’ve just had our first thunderstorm of the year.  Even knocked the power out briefly!  This warm weather makes it so easy to get to think that it’ll be warm and sunny all spring, now its dark and gloomy and raining, but the garden needs it. I’m not going to be caught out this year planting stuff too early! This is our sixth spring here and I’ve never seen the like!

Also amazing, yesterday I  just saw a family of  Alpine Martins flitting around the eaves of the house, one was sat in a nest right up in the eaves, I hope I didn’t scare them off, it would be great to have some here.  But so early,  the swifts and swallows don’t usually get here until late May, early June. I’ve given the garden birds all the tail ends of the winter’s fat balls out of the nets on the table, they’re going nuts about them.  I’ve also  had to stock up of bird food as the shops now are stocking barbecue stuff, and I’ll need reserves for another month or two yet!

Does this all have any link to the ash in the atmosphere or the sun spots?  Thing is we’ll never really know, I just think its more of this wacky weather which started last spring!

I did my second office in the new job and am beginning to see a rhythm to the week and how I will fill the hours. There was ample evidence of a dog there – when I asked the boss, she said it’s an afghan puppy, maybe I need to go a bit earlier next time to see it!  Still, if I do the offices twice a week,-especially with the dog hair, I will get my hours. I just need one more day filled! And compared to the Burg, I have FOUR hoovers, and ones a Dyson!!!!!!!!