So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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What now?

New Year, new starts, blah,blah,blah. We got through Christmas with peace, and had lovely chats with family. Now, maybe it’s the lack of direction, nothing on the horizon, that’s bringing me down. Nothing to look forward to. Lockdown here until 17th January. No holiday houses to do, so not even frantic February to dread/ look forward to. I don’t even want to get back to writing, I’m struggling with the second part of my autobiography as it is.

It’s not often that I get down or lose hope. This afternoon, Dave and I had a look on the net at properties on Wales to see if the prices have gone down; there still seems to be properties about. I felt so low and wanted to cry. I love this place, but want to go. No sale in sight, its just a lost dream. Or is it safer to stay here, as this stupid bug is still storming around?

I know God has a plan, we are in his hands, I know I’m impatient. God, couldn’t we have just a little hint of the way forward? Many years ago, when we were waiting to be re-housed after the eviction, I went to look at a house to rent. On the way home, I cried to him, could you please do something so clear, that we know what to do? I was in a real dilemma. An hour later, we had a call offering us a brand new council house that became our family home. I could do with a bit of that now Lord.


Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


A great thanks to everyone who follows and read my blog. I have some lovely regular readers and I do so appreciate all the comments!  We’re celebrating this year at home with our daughter. I guess we’ll pop in to see Paggy and if the snowfall that has been predicted has arrived we may go and play on the toboggans! As the English TV satellite is working, we may even watch Dr Who and the Queen……..then Mr Fisher on New Years Day!

Have a great , loving day

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So how’s 2012 so far??????

Snow caterpillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We began the New Year as imagined watching Andy Borg on the TV, but were dozing off by 11, what a pair of boring old gits.  So we were then woken by our neighbour having a huge firework display in his garden, very kind of him.  We watched from the kitchen window with great pleasure!

Of course, in Austria there’s no November 5th- not too tactful to celebrate burning a Catholic, but New year is fireworks.  They are sold from table tops in some of the local firms, no locking up, and a lot of them are illegally imported.  Some are larger than a mortar bomb and sound accordingly. You can even buy special children fireworks in packs of small sparklers and so on.  Then the news complains that the rate of injuries is up 100% on last year, before New came in!

I’ve been back to help Lois with feeding the horses in the morning as his grooms on holiday.  Funny after all I said, I really didn’t want to do it and before felt quite a depression.  It wasn’t too bad, he was actually quite polite to me, and now I’ve got the run of things he leaves me too it, which is better than when he tries to boss around and gets in a bad temper.  Yet, I still cant get the amount of hay right, it’s always too much or too little. I’ll be soo glad when Gabriel returns! I took one of my girls for a ride out in the snow, it was just so good to be out riding again!  The therapy work has ground to a halt, but we’re waiting to hear f we get more funding for next year. I wonder, knowing Lois, that no I’m back in his paramaters, he’ll be calling me again to work for him -hmmmmm.

I’ve started the new job, which turns out to be just 2 or 3 hours a go, each shift is just cleaning through one chalet.  With a hoover.  No soda but modern cleaning materials.  And friendly people.  I was advising them how to tell some one they have a nice bum in Englis!  It may work out, but at the moment is just too few hours.  I still have to find something that covers the basic bills, and tell the Burg I’m not going back!

Not to mention shift a nasty cough.  Dave seems to be having the same sickness bug I had at Christmas , can they take 10 days to incubate?  Ah well, bestest is that George and Michelle are here in February!  Not to mention that I now live in complete luxury, never having to be without something to read again, wish I’d got a Kindle sooner!  The biggest problem is not downloading too many books at once!

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New Year Prophecy?

Thinking ahead..........

I thought it would be interesting (well for me) to write down what I hope and dream for this new coming year, and then see what has happened at the end!

That I’ll continue to learn from God, using the lessons he’s taught me this year. That I’ll improve my fitness and my German.

My deepest dream is that through the  Equine Asssited therapy work, I can reach people to bring them to a new place, and I’d like to witness to them too. Especially I have a heart to work with kids and ponies. That this work will generate enough income for me to live on so that this summer I can be enough at home to tend my garden properly, be able to go up into the mountains and so on.    Maybe the new job at the holiday chalets will help this too.

We have a new Bible group, where personalities and ideas are emerging; so for this group to grow spiritually, with a renewing of minds so we can find God‘s will for the Lungau and do it.  Likewise my position on the PCC at the church, my ideas for the holiday maker services, but also to renew the Church body so the Murau/Lungau gemeinde will grow.

That my husband will make a breakthrough in his German, stop sitting on the settee waiting for God to tell him what to do,  actually get off it and do something.  That he’ll stop fixating on winning the lottery to be able to do something, its creating unbelief for God’s works in our lives but he cant see it.

That there’ll be time and money to visit England maybe to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and Dave’s dad’s 80th.  That we’ll feel more connected with our kids.

And I want a pony and a dog!

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So what snow?

SNOW?  Due for the next few days, but the resorts have loads, although the warm temperatures recently apparently make it sticky. This also meant a lot melted here and the yard is a skating rink. Maybe we’ll get enough snow to do some Cross Country skiing this weekend…..

I’m once again sat in the kitchen, tapping away, house nearly post Christmas sorted.  I’d like to take the tree down but I guess Dave’ll say it’s too soon.  I’m just starting to feel normal again, on Christmas Eve I felt unwell at the Airport, and by the evening it was clear I’d eaten something that didn’t like me, and threw up the entire evening. I rebuked and Cursed it like a Andrew Wommack teaches, but the body has taken a while to get over it.  Never mind  Christmas itself was short, sweet and mega with daughter. It’s now time to move back to normality.  In fact as Michelle said, the run up to Christmas, although wonderful, makes the whole thing in one day seem to be over too quickly.

Looking back, there was just so much to do and think about before,it was stressful and now I’m in a surprisingly quiet place.  Feeling better helps.  I’ve the new job in St Martin to start – cleaning holiday chalets, at about 5 days a month that suits.  I had a job interview arranged at a dentist in Tamsweg as a cleaner, but they gave it to someone else, what a relief.  I’m going to do some feeding and mucking out for Lois in the next week,while his groom’s on holiday and I really don’t mind, I feel as if somethings lifted from me.

New Year is coming, and I expect we’ll spend it in watching Andy Borg on the tv. The Musikandelstadl is a great show, a bit like Saturday night at the Palladium used to be. Well rehearsed unexpected happenings, music, people just really enjoying themselves.  Played on a huge set with beer tables, all drink and enjoy and there’s no trouble!  Maybe the Uk should take a look at it and get rid of all these talent shows and actually USE the talent to entertain people. The thought of going to one of the parties in our area doesn’t appeal, because of the firework chucking that goes on!  We’ve loads of dvds to watch which makes me feel happy, not to mention a new Kindle to use once I get my wireless connection sorted. So ends 2011!