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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Masculine readers may want to go to the next post……..

That time of life for a woman,the menopause, I greet with a huge sense of relief.  An absence of hormonal highs and lows, monthly pains and inconvenience, a quieter place altogether. Ok so I may get a bit flushed now and then……. My mother rarely spoke of hers, except when she was hot while my Grandmother milked it for everything it was worth!

This is combined with a life without stress, no Burg, and the thyroid and iron levels all being normal at last. I’m engulfed in the deepest peace I’ve ever reached, and for that I give God the glory for moving me into a new place. It’s tangible.  Its been a battle for over five years and there still will be skirmishes, but its a new place for body, soul and spirit. 

It was really spelled out for me this holidays, where after the first adapting to having Dave home, I could see just how chilled I am.  I’m just so not bothered about anything!  I could even stop blogging and not be bothered! Not rushing in the mornings when there was no need, not working out a daily list to do, being detached from his concerns, he can sort them, I don’t need to control anymore.  Ok it has the downside that when we must be organised, I’ve gone too far the other way and leave things too late but its ok.

The only thing I would now change is work/career for us both. God gave me this job and I will stay till he says go, I enjoy the quiet and the people there when they’re at home.  I’ve been too much on my own these past fews months and can see that. Yet I would move on to our dream of buying the flat next door, being at home all the time to welcome guests and care for them.  We have the vision of being able to give people free holidays as an escape, retreat and blessing.  God has to deal with the  financial part of this!  When we had guests lately, Dave and I suddenly began working as a real team – he did driving, I did catering and he can stay up later than me, so I could sleep and he could chat. It really worked, so God is preparing us.  It will come, its only a matter of time -woohooooooo!