So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands


Most of our villages in the Lungau install a May pole, and the following week have a climbing competition.  Ok, the guy does have a safety rope, but there’s no mattress or any other security.  He climbs barefoot with this glue on his hands.  The poles maybe up to 100m high! 

This is my first attempt at the weekly photo challenge, I can’t find the Trackback address on the Daily Post page, so I just hope it works!

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What the Lungau does in spring!

Easter graveyard

 The year in Lungau has its set events, part of its local tradition, of which people are proud, and I dont say that lightly!

Spring can tarry and we can be into May before we can do anything in the garden, orsomehtimes  the snow is gone by the begining of March. Its as if the plants have a timetable and rush to grow to catch up to a deadline of flowering and fruiting.


Palm Sunday is celebrated with more parades, and the children make a special bush on a stick from Pussy Willows and have this blessed. Easter comes with its the traditional fires, and the noisy rattles, as I’ve already talked about. The green party has been trying to ban the fires as when there’s no wind the valley is filled with smoke the next day as people use it as an opportunity to burn all their garden rubbish which they’re not allowed to do at any other time! This is followed by Mother’s day in May when every graveyard  is filled with pansies.  Dave’s garden centre sold 65, 000 last year and that wasn’t enough, that’s more than three per head of the living!   There’s the traditional Maypole, the one in Tamsweg is about 30 metres high and there’s no dancing to tangled ribbons rather a competition to chop another villages pole down!  The pole is  climbed by means of a rope and a small harness but mostly with sticky glue on the  hands and feet – oh and a small mat , in case you make a mess on the ground, H&S eat your heart out!

At the top of the Maypole!

Yet when spring comes and every where is filled with dandelions and blossom, it’s like heaven. The scent that rises from the small meadow below our flat is better than any scent I’ve sniffed!  Going back, April has the Georgiritt in Thomatal, he’s the patron Saint of horses, but there are other odd pagan things going on with bits of cooked pig being left in the church – cant get to the root of that!  There’s the band and the bullwhip creacking which seems to be over all Austria at these events, the horses really don’t seem to mind!

Resting after the Gerogiritt

May sees  the big riding festival at Schloss Moosham, more a  load of displays  from the local riding clubs as there’s no competitions as  such, I took part as a poor Icelander being attacked by Vikings for Lois’s talk on Icelandic horses………

One of the locals at the Burg Moosham festival

In early June the mountains are awash with flowers, a covering of paradise, and walking can really start for the year!