So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow


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A walk in Weisspriach

On one of the frequent Bank holidays this month, Dave and I went to Weisspriach, our now traditional first walk of the year. The hut was shut and the road was closed, meaning we had the place to ourselves which happens rarely now the area has one tourism prizes. There had been landslides, trees felled, but we still had a great walk. Quite a lot of photos, I got a bit carried away……….

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Yellow Lungau

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After the heavy snow this winter, we have the yellowest May for a long time. OK, its a sign the hay fields need re-sowing, but I love Dandelion time!

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Modern farming!

Today in Tamsweg was the most enormous queue of tractors and trailers. I think every farmer in Lungau was dumping the plastic wrappings and nets from their silage and haylage balls. Where will all this go? Better those who have a silage pit or clamp? Better back to more risky old fashioned hay making?

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Coral Snow

I was so excited to finally see this after eleven years! So much snow, and I’ve seen this rarity only once. People look knowingly and say its a Lungau rarity. It only happens late in the snow year. So now I’m sharing it with you, it really does look like coral doesn’t it?

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Something new

The garden has emerged from the snow, and is looking really scraggy. Dave and I have decided that its time to give up on the veggie plot. In the eleven years we’ve been here, things have changed and we can now buy parsnips and  sweetcorn here in the supermarkets.

This is combined with my lack of interest in weeding during the summer, and Dave’s lack of time. We’re going to move the flower bed back towards the fence with the soft fruits and grass it over. Will make mowing easier too.

We will keep on the two greenhouses (ours and Paggy’s one)  for pumpkins, melons and some salads. I want to chop down the tree we call Wizbit (after a children’s programme) because the dogs digging under it seem to have injured it and it looks it.

That will open up the garden even more. We would just like someone to come along and steal our hedge so we don’t have to trim that!



Lungau snow

After our recent very heavy falls of snow, I was chatting to a neighbour and casually said,’I suppose this is how it used to be when Lungau was the Siberia of Austria?’ ‘No’ he said,’there was much more then.’ Staggered, I went home, shut the door, put the kettle on and realised,no wonder the older generation here is so totally twitched about snow clearing…….and was so grateful for Christian and his snow blower!