So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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So it goes on…….


This really strange sense of unreality around me continues, its like being in a weird sort of limbo. Dave has come down with another bout of bronchitis and is hugging the sofa.

I’m helping Linda out with her wood and all sorts of things, so I am being some use to somebody. After helping yesterday, I was feeling a bit light headed when we went shopping. I realised maybe I was hungry, this Menopause has me unable to read my body as I once did, it keeps on changing. So I bought a bar of chocolate. We met some friends and were chatting and I suddenly felt this strange rush, and I thought I was going to black out. I was dizzy, I kept on hoping the conversation was coming to a close and it did. Feeling shaken, I took myself to the Doctors who said it wasn’t  a heart attack or a stroke, but low blood sugar, and I should have some sugar sweets because they deliver the needed sugar, not fat. I felt such a prat, but at least I hadn’t gone to Casualty!

Then, we were praying together and the phone rang. It was a lady from the village, who knew we were looking for work and were we interested in looking after her mother, who wants to come home from a Care-home She was talking about 24 hour care and cooking. Dave and I both felt we couldn’t do this, I’m no Austrian cook, Dave couldn’t help with any women’s stuff, and we just couldn’t do that. We could offer some house and garden care. I told the woman this, and then she said, oh, just from 11 in the morning till 8 at night- a 9 hour shift? I then felt guilty in case God had meant us to do do this, but overall I’m at peace in this. If it’s God’s will, he’ll bring the job back to us. What do you think?