So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Learning how to say Shush in German……..

Such a busy summer! Next week I’m back to Strobl in the Salzkammergut for my second week training as an voluntary Librarian- SHUSH!  Right on Wolfgangsee,  there was talk of swimming in the evenings this time. Quite honestly, it’ll be a luxury to sit down!I haven’t written my book for over a month. Heatwave weather. Stunning thunderstorms. I’ve managed to work with Dave in the heat, but even he’s commented I am genetically meant to work in an air conditioned office! Great sadness in the family, meaning a trip to the UK after the course for a funeral. Real joy in my English classes.  Taking the step of faith, and not claiming income support anymore, and we are living in his financial blessing, he supports us in such unexpected ways. Believing that something new is beginning here in the Lungau, no more Bible studies that fail, but doing, maybe this will kick off when we have a service in the summer at Burg Finstrgrün. Looks like if the Elderberry flowers take, its going to be a record year for the wine. Lots of work in the garden. Infected tick bite, bad year here for them.



A surprise invitation!

img_3345This came through the post the other day and I was bowled over!  Its an invitation to be a special guest at the village harvest festival -which I’ve been to before with the Trachten frauen.  And lunch afterwards in the pub with the mayor, priest and the other guests.

I guess its because I’ve now officially joined the library on the team, and will be the leader at the beginning of 2017. I had to laugh at myself just after writing this,  filled up with my own self importance, I found that Linda and Annie the main library workers are going too!

I’ve loved my two sessions I’ve done so far, can see things I’d like to improve and change, but I’m learning the system and will have to do proper training.  It doesn’t even to seem to matter so much that the books are in German.

Only one problem……..I’ve lost so much weight my dirndl might not fit anymore……………