So where's the snow?

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Cow Parsley Spring

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One of the effects of this long wet spell, is that the farmers have been unable to get into the fields to cut the first round of silage.  Normally the second two weeks in May means you’re permanently stuck behind a tractor. On the lower levels, all has been ok, but here at about 100o metres its a disaster.


The grass has gone to seed, and the common Dock or sorrel as I call it, have made a brown haze on the fields, more commonly associated in the UK with derelict land that is full of the larger Dock,which we use to rub out nettle stings.  I’m quite surprised there isn’t more as the slurry is well and truly spread here as soon as the snow goes.


Likewise, the buttercups are making as good a show as the Dandelions.  Most of all though, is the Cow Parsley. It’s just run rampant.  All of these would have normally been cut back  in the silage by now, but instead our flowering. Some fields I’ve seen are pure white, and there are very few Margarita daisies which make a fantastic show at this time.  So what effect will this have on the silage?  Can it still be made with all these flowers in which I know many animals will not eat?  Will everyone be searching for bailers next week? The rain will also make this long grass lodge, also making it difficult to cut. Poor farmers, they can’t win.


BUT it makes for great photos, which would be even better if it would stop raining long enough for the flowers to open!



Cold, horrible spring


End of May 2013

When we came back to Austria, we were surprised to find how little our plants in the greenhouse had grown.  Even the beans in the garden were a little brown around the edges.  Cold and wet, and so it has continued.  As I write on May 31st, our part of Europe is lying  under a big swirl of wet, dripping cold rain and snow. We had one day where we frantically weeded and grass cut, then it hit.  One day of semi dry, but now it’s been raining solidly for 48 hours and  there is no forecast let up until after the weekend.   The hills are once again snow covered and the news has already reported landslides and earthslides.  The Mur hasn’t risen greatly yet as the rain has been of drizzle intensity.  I’d seen some cows going up the hills in the trailers, I hope they have some shelter.  The Cuckoo arrived yesterday, along with the swallows, they were a good two weeks later than last year, and not as many  maybe they pressed on through this yuck. We’ve even kept the fire lit in the evenings, having run out of wood, we’re on woodpulp logs.

However, when we looked at the photos of last year, things are roughly the same with peas and beans, but the courgettes were way ahead last year, and we have all the geraniums still in the greenhouse.  I’m comforted that the UK has had a late spring too!!!!


End of May 2012