So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


The lane becomes dangerous!

P1310428As I write on January 1st, the snow is falling a little on the hills above, but I’ve just seen rain out of my windows – so another late snow down here! I don’t mind so much, now being a dog walker as I don’t want to be falling on ice whilst towed by the canine! The council has gritted all the paths so I’m ok. And as Ramingstein is twinned with Narnia, a lot of areas have never thawed during the day, and so thick layers of ice feathers have made it like snow.


Along the lane, the stream has frozen but most oddly, on one side, water has run down the field making a wide sheet of ice that freezes and thaws during the day, and its difficult to go along the lane and miss it. Two of our elderly, slightly wobbly neighbours take a daily turn along the lane and I worry that one day I’ll find one of them in a heap. Patches of ice are forming in the field behind, and when I walked up the hill in the summer the field was wet. Something has gone wrong with a pipe or a stream higher up, re directing the water. Romana whose house is next to all this is worried, like me, that when the thaw comes, it will trigger a landslide, this hill has slid several times before. I don’t think its just that there’s no snow cover either. Time will tell.