So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog



In August, I was in Strobl on my last week of librarian training. It proved a magical time. We were all meeting for the third time, so we were all forming friendships, although they are now lost forever. I just so enjoyed being alone in the evenings with a walk to the village. lake Wolfgang is beautiful, and I guess other less built up lakes are more so, but for me, it was healing and quiet. I did have a swim in the lake, but the water was lower and I don’t like putting my feet on the bottom, so that wasn’t so great!

I presented my project as a poem which got a huge laugh to my relief. We had body language training which proved really helpful. Worst was the first day when we did a revision of the course and I couldn’t remember half of it and had forgotten my notes. Only too find others were in the same boat! Relief!

It was the last day that blew me away. We had all had our certificates, so we sat in the warm sunshine in the grounds by the lake, just to the right of the photo. Where I sat, I could see the lake, hear the small waves, watch people paddling and water skiing in the distance. The drone of the boats was familiar to when we lived by the sea. It was all sooooo peaceful. We sat as a group and all talked about our favourite books and their part in our lives.

Then we went to the classroom and had a sort of closing ceremony. One of the leaders, Gabi has retired and this was her last course. We had got all the leaders flowers and presented them. Then Andrea welled up and I think we all did a bit too, maybe because it was Gabi’s last but also because, as she said, we had such good camaraderie and spirit the course was special. We all then said our goodbyes and went home, me with a great peace over the whole thing. I understand there is a refresher course in five years, Oh I hope so!!!!!