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The Nothing Girl by Jodi Taylor

I haven’t read a great book for ages, and suddenly two come along at once, the other I will review presently. This book is going to be a strong contender for my favourite book ever, (Sorry Beverley Hughesdon).¬† I may even buy a hard copy for the shelf.

Jenny is obviously better than her family make her out to be, and I sort of guessed what was up from the start, but it didn’t matter. Here is the most masterful growth of a heroine to fullness and love. ¬†Russell is a flawed hero and the plot is superb. I’m not going to talk about the plot, except to say, it has it all, thwarted loves, misunderstandings, comic pauses, grand denouements, bad baddies and a mega ending, not to mention, countryside, old houses, the horses and donkey.

But what made it most for me was Thomas, Jenny’s mystic horse/angel. I thought at first as a Christian, this is not good. I did wonder if she was ever observed talking to him- that would have given the family grounds to lock her up… But it took me back some years ago when Dave and I were having problems and I had a weekend away to myself. I took myself for a walk and was off my beaten track, map reading and so on edge. As I turned a corner along a hedgeline, I was suddenly aware I was not alone, I was being followed by a large brown horse; he was with me and protecting me. We strode on home together, him behind me. I must go and find my diary recording of this to check! So, with Thomas, I have no problem. The ending, for a stiff-necked old trout like me, had me in tears. Wonderful.