So where's the snow?

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Village tales #1

I keep on having these random chats with Mr B and the man with the black labrador, all of which I find fascinating.

Labrador man dog sits for his son, but the dog doesn’t really know how to play and has very weak hindquarters, and is very narrow bodied, not a good specimen, but that’s not my business! He lives opposite us across the Thomaterbach, and I’ve often seen him exercising the dog in the filed, see picture! Last week, I met them and I suggested we take the dogs into a field for a run! Result, I’ve wanted to look around the field for ten years! The dogs played, well Swingle ran around like a greyhound and kept on knocking the Lab over. He didn’t know what to do! We let the dogs into the Bach and at last I got a view of the old wier from the other side.  I could see how the river had been diverted along the bottom of our land and it had run into the Mur for the turbine that powered the paper factory, now  brick factory. Its all concreted up now. But then he wold me that the Hardts who restored this building during the war dammed the river and made a swimming pond there. Times long gone.

Then on our was he pointed out to me the clump of trees in the field (across the river in picture) and we went to look. It used to be an Ice pond, and the local pub would harvest it and store it in the cellar.  I think he meant that it was for the beer making process, but maybe it was just to cool things, more interesting things! We then had two tired dogs and walked home our separate ways. Now I may not get another chance to go in the field as its hay growing season, but maybe in autumn I could ask him if I could go in with my camera…….



Ice Wonderland #6

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Ok, got so many shots, here’s a slideshow! Facebook click on the link!

Ice Wonderland #5

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Ice Wonderland #3

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Ice Wonderland #2

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Ice Wonderland #1

p1320774I’ve just loved the really cold weather, no ice to slip on, just crunchy snow.  Now here comes a series of my favourite photos from the last couple of weeks.  As I write, the weather has gone plus and there’s melting,but more cold is coming, yippee!

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The Mur freezes over


In the nearly nine years we’ve been here, I’ve never seen the Mur freeze right across. Then a couple of days ago, we had -16 overnight. And ten minutes after I came home from photographing the ice across the road, it went right across. The water is still going under, but what a sight. I’ve been doing a timelapse shoot. It’s getting warmer -well relativley this weekend, so I guess it’ll melt.

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Its a result of the extremely dry late autumn and winter which has the river incredibly low. Don’t think it’ll be like the year they had to dynamite it to get the river to flood though!