So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Rent or buy?

We have been searching so much of the UK houses on the Net, as we’re still in Austria. We hear about how the market is crazy. And it seems true. We have seen houses all over the country we like, and they are sold within a few days. We need to be on the ground so we can go and view quickly, it’s unfair to ask our daughter to take time and drive miles. The last one was a real gift horse, all the way to Lowestoft, for the house to need major work, which had all been carefully left out the photos. Some agents do virtual viewings, others don’t. Some say the owners’ wont accept an offer form someone who hasn’t viewed.

We’ve extended our search to Great Yarmouth, Gainsborough, Cleethorpes, Skegness. We took Wales off the list as we heard you can’t get in quick enough, but there are some places that haven’t sold even so. All these seem to be further away from family, which is the aim of coming back.

So now, it’s do we delay until things calm down? Do we rent -using our capital? Or just jump in and buy somewhere on spec? What if we hate it when we get there? I’m all geared up and looking forward to living in a town. But, deep down, I would like to go back to New Milton where we used to live. We could just about afford a garage there. I just cant see my way out of this.